A Kind of Magic

A Highlander zine featuring fan fiction from some of the best newer and more familiar faces on the scene today. This issue includes stories that feature those most dynamic of ancient enemies, Methos and Cassandra, as well as MacLeod, Joe Dawson and a host of others. Adorned with gorgeous illustrations, articles and poetry.  Some of these stories have previously appeared on the Highlander Holyground Forum as part of the Mid-Week Challenges. 105 reduced print pages. Full color cover by Leah Rosenthal. See below for a description of the contents.

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A Kind of Magic on Paper

The Midwife’s Garden by Janice Rodriguez – A medieval village is both refuge and peril for Grace Chandel, her Immortal teacher comes to discover.

Circumstances by Dell Highway – In the aftermath of the tragic events of Endgame, MacLeod disappears and Methos and Joe Dawson follow, in order to discover whether their friend needs solace—or killing.

War in the Next Room by Leslie Fish – In a hotel room in Scotland, a pair of deadly enemies learn that Connor MacLeod’s death has created several unavoidable ironies.

Unto Dust by Storie – A haunting tale of one Immortal’s journey in the midst of a land seized by Depression.

Crossroads by A – Methos is in danger of losing the soul he fought three millennia to reclaim. His fate may depend on the aid of his best friend—and worst foe.

The Eyes of Age by Palladia – Not long after the events of Comes A Horseman and Revelations, MacLeod, Methos, Joe and Cassandra are drawn into a war with an Immortal with a taste for butchery and no regard whatsoever for the Rules of the Game.

The Musings of Death by Titania – Methos stumbles across a fateful battle, to tragic consequences.

Buried Treasure by Janice Rodriguez – A small, enigmatic collection of artifacts are found in the desert, and Cassandra rediscovers memories lost more than 3,000 years before.

Let or Hindrance by Palladia – How far is Methos willing to go to get what he wants…and will he recognize it when he finally gets it?

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