Southern Comfort
(aka Southern Lights Special)

Southern Comfort is one of Blakes 7 fandom's longest running, continuously published adult zines, featuring both straight and slash (same-sex) material. Issues 10.5 and 11.5 have gone into print as of May, 1999. Back issues are still available directly from the publisher (Ashton Press). Earlier issues (up through 4.5) were titled Southern Lights Specials. Issues number x.75 contain all slash/all Avon/Vila stories. Check out these reviews of the zines!

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Southern Lights Special 2.5

Southern Lights Special 3.5

Southern Lights Special 3.75

Southern Lights Special 4.5

Southern Lights Special 4.75

Southern Comfort 5.5

Southern Comfort 6.5

Southern Comfort 7.5

Southern Comfort 8.5

Southern Comfort 8.75

Southern Comfort 9.5

Southern Comfort 10.5

Southern Comfort 11.5

Reviews — Read what other people had to say about various issues of the zine throughout its history.



Southern Lights Special 2.5

Aftereffects: Cally is suffering from the aftereffects of her ordeal on Centero and goes to the one person on Liberator she feels can help her work out her fear…

Intermezzo In B: Blake is still feeling guilty over the death of Gan on Earth, but Vila, some special brandy, and Cally combine to help him feel better. Jenna and Avon are making discoveries of their own in the meantime…

Paradise Loused Up: Xanadu was supposedly a Paradise, but Avon, Tarrant and Vila are in for a few surprises…

Personal Management: Vila Restal followed Blake willingly, yet he still feared him…

The Weight of a Feather: Avon hadn’t planned to have company on his shore leave, but things seldom worked out the way Avon planned them… A story from The Log of the Hellhound.

Also included in this issue is the “infamous” Rogue by London Bates. The zine is about evenly divided between straight and slash material. 65 pages, reduced print. Leah Rosenthal’s “famous” Silver Alpha (the original rendition!) graces the front cover.

Southern Lights 2.5 on Paper

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Southern Lights Special 3.5

Mental Health: What were Avon and Vila doing on the flight deck that ended up with Dayna throwing Tarrant into a bulkhead and Cally suggesting they kill the pilot (out of mercy, of course)? And just what is the GHO 21 clause and, more importantly, can Tarrant ever be cured?

Journey’s End: Jenna had finally been reunited with Blake, but would the rebel leader continue to reject her? Jenna didn’t think she could remain with him for long if that were the case…

“Out With a Bang” or “The Orbit We Never Saw”: What really happened aboard Egrorian’s shuttle…?

Night Moves: Space Commander Ransom had been through the wringer at the hands of the Federation. Can Blake help her forget what had been done to her…?

First Person Singular:  In the aftermath of Gauda Prime, Avon no longer cares what happens to him until he meets up with someone who could be an old friend…or an enemy.

Poker Night: Vila Restal enjoyed late watch for a very good reason: he liked letting Avon win at cards…

Rain Must Fall: The mission to Darris began to go disastrously wrong the moment Blake and company met up with Rahn. Bringing her onboard Liberator could only guarantee that things were about to go from bad to worse…

Pillow Talk: Party night on the Liberator. Need I say more?

74 pages, reduced print. A mix of slash and straight stories, including a special Log of the Hellhound story about Jenna!

Southern Lights 3.5 on Paper

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Southern Lights Special 3.75

Privacy: Vila is worried about Avon following the events on Terminal and only wants to help. Avon has something alittle more intimate in mind, however…

A Question of Trust: Just how far will Avon go to get something he wants? Will he sacrifice anything…or anyone…?

Revenant: After the death of Anna, what is left for Avon? Will he ever be able to “fell” again…?

Opportunities: It seemed like a simple job: just open the vault and remove the money. But things are never that simple when Avon and Vila are involved…

In the Cage: Vila had depended on Gan to protect him since they had met abord the London. Now that Gan was dead, who could he count on when he was surrounded by nothing but Alphas?

This special edition contains all slash (same-sex) stories, all Avon/Vila. 76 pages of reduced print.

Southern Lights 3.75 on Paper

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Southern Lights Special 4.5

Creature Comforts (A/V) by D.D. Montgomery: Following ORBIT, Avon knows that he must do something to placate Vila’s distrust of him…

Cathouse Blues (Everybody!) by Madelyn Darring: Blake must make contact with a rebel whose cover is rather, ahem, shady…

A Form of Comfort (A/B) by Ellis Ward: Blake is rather surprised by Avon’s desire to comfort him…

Chimera (A/B) by Thomas: Blake has a need to help and comfort Avon, but how far is he willing to go to do so?

Powerplays (Avon/Servalan) by Libby Rator: Just how far does the relationship between Avon and Servalan extend?

Those Hips, Those Thighs (Avon/Jenna) by Rosinanta: An interlude in a jail cell holds some surprises for Jenna…

Discoveries (A/V) by Chris Kessler: Avon knows that Vila desires him and sets out to seduce the Delta…

Bedtime Story (A/V) by Ingrid Montrose: Vila is in a coma and nothing the Liberator crew can do seems to be any help to him…

People Change (A/V) by Tenaya: Tarrant and Vila are feared dead when the Scorpio is hijacked and Xenon Base almost destroyed…

More stories by Scorpio, Carnall, Terrell, Catocala and others. Contains both straight and slash (same-sex) romantic, adult stories. 143 pages of reduced print.

Southern Lights 4.5 on Paper

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Southern Comfort 4.75

No Redemption by Masha Romanova: Vila has finally come to a decision and it’s one that he knows Avon won’t like. But can he really follow through on leaving?

Quietus by Victoria Towers: Little is left to Avon and Vila following Gauda Prime except a few moments of comfort…

Lost Perfection by Barbara Tennison: The loss of Kerril is difficult for Vila to take lightly…

Stress Factors by Paula: In this sequel to “The Bondstone” (appeared in “Quicksilver Rising”), Avon struggles to adjust to the bond that has formed between him, Vila, Cally and Blake.

This Neurotic Little Worry by Jane Carnall: Vila is always aware of the class differences between himself and Avon…

Remembrance by Maree Celeste: Following Gan’s death, Avon and Vila discover that they have more in common than they thought…

Flying Colours by Tenaya: The events of Orbit force Avon to take a new direction with the rebellion…and with Vila.

Feeding the Fire by R.L. Parker: Vila had waited a long time for a chance to show Avon how he felt…

The Watcher by Chris Kessler: The crew of the Scorpio are offered a chance to redeem themselves with the rebellion following Blake’s death on Gauda Prime…

Color cover by Scorpio. More stories by R.L. Parker, Catocala, Ebony Silvers, Sean Charles and others. This special edition contains all slash (same-sex) stories, all Avon/Vila. 189 pages, reduced print.

Southern Comfort 4.75 on Paper

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Southern Comfort 5.5

Revelation (Avon/Vila) by R. L. Parker: Avon has been rescued from the jaws of death but the greatest surprise awaits him when he realizes how much Vila cares for him…

Beyond Horizon (Blake/Jenna) by Victoria Towers: Blake finally decides to give Jenna what she wants…

Repercussions (Blake/Avon) by Shoshanna Green: Blake and Avon must deal with their changing relationships…

Faith and Doubt (Blake/Avon) by Bryn Lantry.

Colliding Destinies (Vila/Tarrant) by C. A. McCoy.

Pick Up The Pieces (Avon/Vila, Avon/Blake) by Adrian Morgan and Brendan O’Cullane.

Bloodgifts (Avon/Vila) by Valerie Francis.

Sealed With A Kiss (Avon/Vila) by N. T. Casillas.

Initiations (Avon/Cally/Dayna) by Linda Knights.

The Darkness of the Separate Will (Blake/Avon) by Shoshanna Green.

By Love Ensnared (Avon/Anna) by Dorian Gale.

A Walk in the Woods (Blake/Jenna/Avon) by Riley Cannon.

More stories pairing Avon/Jenna, Avon/Soolin, Blake/Vila, Avalon/Jenna, Avon/Dayna/Cally, Avon/Anna. Stories by Jane Carnall, Anais, Garrett, Valentine, Coral Court, Nova Salsh-Kkabe and others. Contains both straight and slash (same-sex) romantic, adult stories. 256 pages of reduced print.

Southern Comfort 5.5 on Paper


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Southern Comfort 6.5

Bondsmate (Avon/Tarrant) by Dorian Gale: An unlikely pairing, but one that could just end up saving both of their lives…

The Warden’s Pet (Avon/Vila) by Chris Kessler.

Commitment (Avon/Tarrant) by Randym.

Nightmusic (Tarrant/Avon) by Paula.

Gratuitous Eroticism (Blake/Avon) by Rose St. Clair.

The Howling (Blake/Avon) by Bryn Lantry.

Fantasies (Avon/Vila) by Matilda Willard.

Morning After (Avon/Blake/Cally) by Mistral.

Stranger Things (Avon/Jenna) by Shoshanna Green.

The Quality of Mercy (Soolin/Vila) by Victoria Towers: Vila is ill after his experiences over Virn and missing Cally…

Dearest Enemy (Servalan/Avon) by Brendan O’Cullane & Adrian Morgan.

A Room With A View (Avon/Cally) by Aurora Borealis: Cally discovers Avon’s secret places…

And even more stories. Artwork by Leah Rosenthal, Randym, Feyrer, and others. 257 pages of reduced format print.

Southern Comfort 6.5 on Paper


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Southern Comfort 7.5

No Respite by Daley Kelly (Avon/Vila): The aftermath of Malodaar takes a bizarre turn that Avon never expected!

Time Off and Good Behavior by Nicely Nicely (Avon/Vila): A little R&R and some fun between friends…

A Credit For Your Thoughts by Jacklin Scott (Cally/Vila): Cally begins to think that Vila will never get the message she keeps trying to send to him…

War of Escalation by Estelle Daniels (Avon/Jenna): A few innocent “lessons” turn into much more for the embezzler and the pilot…

An Innocent Man by R.L. Parker (Avon/Vila): Even Vila finds it hard to believe that he ends up making love with Avon, of all people!

Mice and Men by Mistral (Avon/Tarrant/Servalan/Blake/Others): A shocking alternated 4th season that pits Avon and Tarrant against each other in a battle of strength and wits…to forge a surprising ending.

The Paths of Destiny by C. A. McCoy (Tarrant/Vila): A Sequel to “Colliding Destinies” from “Southern Comfort #5.5” – Vila and Tarrant are rescued from the prison planet, but their greatest challenges still lie ahead…

Birthday Story by Daley Kelly (Avon/Vila): Avon promises Vila anything he wants for his birthday…

More stories by R.L. Parker, Daley Kelly and others. Artwork by Morgan, Rosenthal and more. Letters of comment, a new story contest and the contest winners from “Southern Comfort #6.5”. 273 pages of reduced format print.

Southern Comfort 7.5 on Paper

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Southern Comfort 8.5

Into the Fire
by Catocala (Avon/Blake) — Blake only wants to help Avon, whether Avon wants his help or not! (Reprinted from Resistance)

Into the Dragon’s Jaws by Catocala (Avon/Vila) — After Star One, Vila hopes that he will finally be able to have a relationship with Avon. (A sequel to “Into the Fire.”)

Out of the Embers by Catocala (Avon/Vila) — After Gauda Prime, Avon and Vila must deal with a Blake who is not feeling too forgiving… (A sequel to “Into the Fire” and “Into the Dragon’s Jaws.”)

Sand Sculptures by Cami (Tarrant/Soolin/ Dayna/Servalan) — The sand of Virn takes its toll on Tarrant in a most unexpected way…

First of a Thousand and One by Catocala (Avon/Vila) — Vila thought he’d escaped the class domination of Earth, only to learn that things were no different for him aboard the Liberator

Suffered Facts by Irish (Avon/Blake) — Avon ran from Blake after Gauda Prime, but now the rebel leader has caught up with him!

Cucumbers Are Not the Only Fruit by V. Lasic, G.H. Erkin & K. Osher-Dill (Uh?) — Cally is at first appalled, and then delighted, when she discovers Dayna’s “secret.” Alas, the men aboard Liberator are not as happy about the situation…

The Nothing That Is by Lexa Reiss (Tarrant/ Travis) — Cadet Tarrant learns a few hard truths about himself, about the Federation, and about others in this pre-series story.

The Great Orac by Leah Starsky — Orac’s abilities to predict the future are sorely taxed!

You Ought to Be in Pictures by Rhapsodie (Tarrant/Dayna/Soolin/Servalan) — Tarrant has become a famous film star…unfortunately some embarrassing “flicks” from his past have surfaced…

Repercussions—A Love Story by Paula (Avon/Blake) — Set in the Jabberwocky universe. Avon and Blake finally realize that they care for each other…

Moral Minority by S. E. Thompson (Avon/Cally) — On Auron, men who dress in tight black leather are considered “sluts”…

Sex and Sensibility by W.K.D. Ways (Vila/Everybody) — Vila has suddenly become irresistible to the entire crew…

In Lieu of Regrets by Ellis Ward (Avon/Vila) — After Malodaar, Avon tries to make amends with Vila… (Reprinted from Touched.)

Substitute by Vanessa Mullen (Avon/Gan) — Gan can see that Avon needs him. But can Avon learn to give Gan what he needs?

Farewell Performance by Pat Nussman (Vila/Soolin) — Vila and Soolin are partners after Gauda Prime and down on their luck…

Beyond the Far Horizon by Jamie Melody Randell (Avon/Blake) — Avon and Blake are surprised to realize that they are hopelessly in love…even though they can’t seem to get along for more than an hour at a time! Also, the two sequels to this story: Echoes of Love and Coming Out of the Dark.

More stories and poetry by Jane Mailander, K. Ann Yost, Mireille, Catherine, and Jude. Much more! Plus, the Southern Comfort writing contest (including “Lord of the Computers,” “Sweet Savage Delta,” and “The Rebel Prince”!). Word Count: 195,200. 268 pages of reduced print.

Southern Comfort 8.5 on Paper

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Southern Comfort 8.75

At last! The all-Avon/Vila special issue of Southern Comfort returns for your reading pleasure! 66 pages of reduced, columnar print to delight all of you A/V fans out there! Approximate word count: 50,719. Gorgeous front cover of a sultry, brooding Avon and delicious Vila by Phoenix!

A Practical Solution by Irish:  Avon finds Vila’s constant scrutiny of him amusing at first. Then, he realizes why Vila is always watching him…

Never Say Never by Mireille: Vila desperately wants Avon to care for him, but he knows it’s too much to expect of the upper-class Alpha. So, Vila’s willing to settle for what he can get. Or is he…?

Things That Go Bang by Irish: A pre-series story detailing the circumstances of Avon and Vila’s very first meeting…and the unexpected consequences.

Saint of Circumstance by Jamie Melody Randell: Gauda Prime is in the past and has left both Avon and Vila changed men. But Blake isn’t quite willing to give up on his own claim to Avon!

Easy to Love You by Jamie Melody Randell: Avon and Vila struggle to survive as the rebellion continues under the leadership of Del Tarrant.

Promises, Promises by Mireille: In the aftermath of Gauda Prime, Vila reflects on all of the promises Avon once made him…and broke.

Lest Madness Return by Ellis Ward: Following Malodaar, Avon attempts to reconcile matters with Vila. A sequel to “In Lieu of Regrets” printed in Southern Comfort 8.5. (Reprinted from B7—The Other Side)

Portobello Blues by Stew: Vila risks everything for one last-ditch chance at happiness. (Reprinted from B7—The Other Side).

Southern Comfort 8.75 on Paper


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Southern Comfort 9.5

229 pages of reduced format print.

Southern Comfort 9.5 on Paper


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Southern Comfort 10.5

A Blakes 7 adult fanzine containing both slash and straight stories. Approximately 106,000 words. Check out this review of the zine!

Under the Influence by Riley Cannon (Tarrant/Avon): Tarrant and Avon finally manage to find common ground in this 3rd season and later story.

Beggars Can't Be Choosers by Willa Shakespeare (A little bit of everyone...): A sequel to Embarrassment of Riches, printed in Diverse Doings 2. Cally and Dayna conspire together to get a little "action" from the male members of the crew...

Night Discord by Paula (Avon/Tarrant): Avon and Tarrant's relationship continues to deepen...but will the unexpected return of Blake send them into a tailspin...? A sequel to "Nightsongs," published in Southern Comfort 9.5.

Circle by Vanessa Mullen (Jenna/Blake/Avon): Jenna and Blake both want something they can't have...but together they manage to come close...

Transmission by Andrea (Tarrant/Avon): In the aftermath of "Sand," Avon and Tarrant try to come to terms...unaware of Servalan's plans for them!

Memories by Jenner (Avon/Blake): Avon remembers his past relationship with Blake and how it all went wrong...

Exit Interview by Lexa Reiss (Tarrant/Jarn): A sequel to "The Nothing That Is," published in Southern Comfort 9.5. As he prepares to leave the Federation, Tarrant stops off to visit his old friend, Jarn.

Night Class by T. Z. Trouper (Tarrant/Vila): Vila and Tarrant try to reach an understanding following "City at the Edge of the World," but misunderstandings are the order of the day...and they lead to some unexpected results!

Fool's Interlude by Catocala (Avon/Vila): Previously published in Rebel Desires #1. A 5th season story wherein Avon has promised Vila anything his heart desires...he didn't know what he was getting into!

Outcast of Auron by Pat Jacquerie, Lexa Reiss & Erika Bloom (Avon/Cally): All of the Auronar save Cally died in Servalan's plague...or did they? Avon and his crew soon learn the truth.

Zipper by Susan Cutter (Vila/Jenna): Vila's a clever man with his hands, but even he finds Jenna's zipper a tough "lock" to pick!

That Word Beginning with "C" by Ada L. (Avon/Vila): A rescue mission gone wrong and Vila's claustrophobia add up to trouble for Avon!

And more by Susan Cutter, Willa Shakespeare, and others! 106,000+ words of fiction, poetry and artwork focusing on Avon, Blake, Vila, Tarrant, Jenna, and more! Full color cover by Leah Rosenthal. Interior artwork by Val Westall. 124 pages of reduced print.

Southern Comfort 10.5 on Paper

Southern Comfort 10.5 on CD

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Southern Comfort 11.5

A Blakes 7 adult fanzine containing both slash and straight stories. Approximately 108,000 words. Check out this review of the zine!

The Turning of the Worm by Willa Shakespeare (Tarrant/Avon/Vila): After Keezarn, Vila turns on Tarrant...and Avon, with Orac's help, comes up with a solution to all their problems...

The Worm Continues to Turn by Willa Shakespeare (Tarrant/Avon/Vila/Cally/Dayna!): The entire 3rd season crew gets into the act of trying to convince Vila that he is "worthy" of being loved!

Taken In by Catocala (Avon/Jenna/Vila): Previously published in B7: The Other Side. Avon and Jenna argue themselves right into bed...unawares that someone else is also enjoying the show!

Xenogamy by Alicia Ann Fox (Avon/Torres): A crossover with Star Trek: Voyager. Avon finds himself in another reality, where a different Federation rules the day...and finds that he would like to stay.

The Ultimate Slash Cliché Drinking Game by Predatrix: Watch out, slash writers! I saw my own writing in too many of these!

Embarkation by Tessa Nolan and Cami O'Tool (Tarrant/Travis): The young cadet Tarrant didn't know what to expect when he was dragged from his bed...but the sudden intervention of Commander Travis was even more unexpected...

Flight Path by Tessa Nolan and Cami O'Tool (Tarrant/Travis): Tarrant feels that he owes a debt to Travis, but the lesson Travis teaches him this time is much more brutal...

If There Were Dreams to Sell, What Would You Buy? by Misha (Cally/Gan): Cally is feared insane, and everyone is sharing her dreams...

With This Ring by Julia Stamford (Blake/Avon): Blake knows that Avon is intrigued by his unusual jewelry and he takes steps to help Avon obtain his own "ring." Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the story!

Delinquent by Nova (Avon/Blake): Blake and Avon are both surprised to realize that they have much more in common than they ever imagined...

And more by Willa Shakespeare, and others! 108,000+ words of fiction, poetry and artwork focusing on Avon, Blake, Vila, Tarrant, Jenna, and more! Full color cover by Leah Rosenthal. Interior artwork by Val Westall. 129 pages of reduced print.

Southern Comfort 11.5 on Paper

Southern Comfort 11.5 on CD

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