A Stargate SG-1 “ship” fanzine with a slight twist — all heterosexual pairings of characters are welcome except for Sam/Jack. There are multiple fanzines and online archives which include Sam/Jack fiction as well as a number of “gen” zines which accept Sam/Jack fiction on a regular basis, but I have rarely seen many stories about other romantic pairings in zines, even in so-called ship anthologies. So I thought it would be fun to encourage folks to write about “ship” pairings other than Sam and Jack.

Approximately 99,600+ words. Color cover. 143 pages of reduced print in columnar format.


Destinations on Paper

Destinations on CD

Color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by Sgtsiler, Wilma, Leah Rosenthal, and more.

Death Shall Have No Dominion by Tiv’ester: A full-length novel adventure, packed with drama, action, angst and unexpected reunions. Powerful forces are manipulating events to change history itself. Can Daniel and his family survive the onslaught or will they be destroyed? Tiv’ester brings us another one of her wonderful novels featuring Abydos, Kasuf, Skaara, the Asgard, Gairwyn and Cimmeria, an ancient blood feud, the after-effects of SG-1’s ordeal on Netu and more. (Daniel/Sha’uri)

For the Children by Annie: Janet risks her life to help a little girl and change the ingrained beliefs of an alien race. (Jack/Janet)

Who We Are by SG1StoryTeller: Sam helps Daniel reconnect after the events of “Lifeboat” and in the process helps herself. A 7th season story. (Sam/Daniel)

Real by Julie Fortune and Starlet2367: Janet Fraiser plans for a wild night out on the town, but things just don’t go as planned ... or do they? Season 7, post-“Lifeboat.” Strongly R-rated. (Janet/Daniel)

Left Behind by Quale: Jack and Janet find common ground in the wake of Daniel’s ascension. (Jack/Janet).

A Moment’s Respite by SG1StoryTeller: Sam and Teal’c share some tender moments during “Paradise Lost.” (Sam/Teal’c).

Wanderings by Stacy Lybarger: Daniel remembers and vows to find Sha’re. (Daniel/Sha’re).

It’s All About Second Chances by SG1StoryTeller: A sad anniversary and a realization help to bring Jack and Sara back together. (Jack/Sara).

Married to the Air Force by ShadowWolf: Major Paul Davis contemplates Samantha Carter. (Sam/Davis).

Waterloo by Gigi Sinclair: A pre-Stargate look and onwards at Jack and Sara’s relationship. (Jack/Sara).

I Should Have Said Yes by SG1StoryTeller: Sam realizes that she does long for a deeper relationship with Daniel after his descension. (Sam/Daniel)

From Now on I’ll Stick to Astrophysics by Fallen Darkness: Sam Carter is on a mission to get a date with a certain someone. The problem? The man she has her eye on is Rodney McKay. (Sam/McKay)

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Issue #2. Color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Two novellas and one short story. Pairings include Jack/Sara, Daniel/Sha'uri and Daniel/Vala.

Daniel's Dilemna by Jan Kent: A fascinating archeological discovery on another planet leaves Daniel having to make a monumental decision ... and also prompts a realization that maybe it is time to move on from Sha're. (Danie/Vala)

Second Chances by Tiv’ester: A follow-up novella to the novel from Issue 1 (Death Shall Have No Dominion). Jack is happy to see Daniel and Sha'uri finally reunited and he begins to think that perhaps he and Sara deserve a second chance ... (Daniel/Sha’uri, Jack/Sara)

The Heart Enslaved by Storyhaus: Daniel is captured by Heru'ur's forces during a mission, changing everyone's lives forever. A novella. (Daniel/Vala)


Destinations 2 on Paper

Destinations 2 on CD

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