What Dreams May Come



A hurt/comfort GEN novel focusing heavily on the character of Daniel Jackson and the friendship between Daniel and Jack, and all of SG-1. While exploring a seemingly uninhabited planet, Daniel falls victim to a Goa’uld trap. How far are Jack and SG-1 willing to go to get him back?

Cover and interior artwork by brihana25. Color cover. Approximately 75,900 words.


What Dreams May Come

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Here are a some short excerpts from the novel:

“P2A-759,” Daniel was saying as he rifled through the assortment of papers on the table in front of him. “Sa … Captain Carter and I both feel that this will be an excellent next assignment for SG-1, General.”

“What do you feel is of value on this world, Dr. Jackson?” General Hammond had already read all of the pertinent information the archeologist and the astrophysicist had gathered. His own pile of documentation was even larger, though much neater, than Daniel’s. He asked the question more for the benefit of the briefing log, and for certain members of SG-1 who weren’t inclined to be quite so informed on scientific details.

“The MALP readings are like none I’ve ever seen, sir,” Sam Carter answered. She folded her hands on the table and leaned forward. “The area that it surveyed shows an unbelievable number of energy readings.”

“What kind of energy, Captain?”

“Some electrical, some low-level radiation—nothing dangerous. But there’s a third form of energy, sir, and that’s the interesting one. From what we can tell, it’s not giving off any recognizable signature, but the MALP couldn’t really get a clear reading on it. Every time the MALP approached it, the energy seemed to dissipate. And then it would reform in another location.”

“So it was playing hide and seek?” Jack’s voice clearly indicated his skepticism.

Carter smiled and nodded. “That’s how it looked, sir.”

“So what are we talking about then? Smart energy?”

Carter nodded again and her smile faded slightly. “It’s possible. It definitely seemed to be moving with purpose.”

“Dr. Jackson.” Hammond’s voice called SG-1’s attention back to him. “You feel there is a cultural interest to be served here as well?”

“Yes, General.” Daniel rooted through his papers again. After a brief search, he pulled out the digital images that the MALP had returned—computer enhanced and liberally scribbled on in his own handwriting. “There’s a temple about a mile from the gate. Between the gate and that temple, but much closer to the gate, are two black obelisks. Now, the MALP didn’t get close enough to show much detail, but what I can see …” Daniel’s voice faded out as he focused his attention on the images.

“Uh, Daniel?” Jack asked. “What can you see?”

“Oh! Sorry.” Daniel looked up and smiled quickly. “Hieroglyphs. There are hieroglyphs on them. Or at least, on one of them. And these aren’t like any glyphs we’ve encountered off-world yet, sir, with the exception of Abydos. These are actual Egyptian hieroglyphs—the language doesn’t seem to have evolved at all by the time these inscriptions were made.”

“Implying what, Dr. Jackson?” Hammond asked.

“Implying that the civilization that lived here may have been direct descendants of those that were originally taken there from Earth. Possibly even the original people themselves. But there’s more than that.”

“Of course there is,” Jack said.

Daniel turned one of the images around so the other four people at the table could see it. “The other pillar has markings on it too. And these …” Daniel tapped the picture with his fingers. “These seem to be the writing of one of the races from Heliopolis, Ernest’s planet.”


The terrified cry pulled Jack to his knees at Daniel’s side immediately.

“Daniel? Daniel, it’s okay. It’s over.”

“No,” Daniel whispered. His voice was filled with a mixture of terror and hatred that Jack couldn’t explain. “This can’t be real. A dream …”

Sam reached out and placed her hand on Daniel’s arm. “Daniel, can you hear me?”

Daniel squeezed his eyes more tightly shut and winced. “Sam?” he asked weakly.

“Yes, it’s me,” Sam answered.

“Are you awake, Daniel?” Jack asked.

“I killed them,” Daniel whispered. “God, I killed everyone.”

“Daniel,” Sam said soothingly. “No one’s dead.”

“It’s a dream. Has to be a dream. God, it hurts.”

“I know how you feel,” Jack said softly. “But it’s not a dream. You’re awake, so open your eyes. It’s gonna hurt, so be ready for it. But open them anyway.”

Daniel’s eyes fluttered a few times before he opened them all the way. He blinked against the light and after a few seconds, he moved his eyes slowly around the room. He found Teal’c first, and then Sam. The expression on his face remained one of fear until he finally focused on Jack.

“Jack?” he asked weakly. “You okay?”

Jack smiled down at him. “I’m fine, Daniel. What about you?”

Daniel tried to lift his head from the pack it rested against, but gasped in pain and fell back heavily. “Oh, ouch.”

“Yeah, the headache’s a killer,” Jack said. “Give it a few minutes.”

“I’ve given it a week already,” Daniel answered softly. “I’m beginning to think that it’s never going to go away. You’d think that I’d be used to it by now.”

Jack glanced up at Sam and Teal’c in concern, and then back down. “Daniel, what are you talking about?”

Daniel’s face scrunched up and he appeared to be concentrating. A moment later, he slowly turned his head to look down at first his left shoulder and then his right leg. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back once more.

“Sam, you shot me!”

Sam knelt down quickly and placed her hand on his arm. “I’m so sorry, Daniel, I didn’t …”

“She didn’t do anything that she wasn’t supposed to,” Jack put in. “And she didn’t shoot us. We just got in the way.” Jack tapped Daniel’s arm with one finger. “Thank you, by the way.”

Daniel opened his eyes again and looked up at Jack in confusion. “Thank me? For what?”

Jack pointed at the bandage on his temple. “Seems your shoulder saved me from getting my brain splattered.”

Sam gulped.

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