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A fanzine dedicated to the relationship between Dean and Castiel. Some stories are explicit slash.

Issue #2:

Mail orders will not be shipped until the middle of June, 2011.

Full color covers by Montana. Artwork by Montana. Digest sized.

Impala Conversations by Quale: Dean tries to come to terms with the changes in his life. Set between Season 5 and Season 6.

Then Shall He Reward Everyone According to His Works by Orithain and Rina: An AU novella that begins shortly after Castiel's first appearance on the show. Dean and Castiel grow closer while Dean and Sam try to deal with the taint of the demon blood in him.

Hot Wings by Quale: It's hot outside and getting hotter. Dean, Castiel, and a nice cool pond ....

Fallen 2

Issue #1:

Full color covers by Montana. Artwork by Montana. Hilarious cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. Approximately 105 pages, digest sized.

Guardian by Quale: An episode tag for "My Bloody Valentine."

Miles to Go by Orithain and Rina: An AU novella that begins after the end of Season 4. Dean and Castiel find themselves just trying to continue on, still fighting demons and discovering each other in the process. Warning: Major Character Death -- please ask questions before ordering if this bothers you.

Surprise by Quale: Castiel wants to give Dean a special birthday gift. His mistake was asking Sam for help ...

Fallen 1

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