First Prime


Lady Ra

A Stargate SG-1 Alternate Universe Daniel/Teal’c slash novel.

A new AU slash novel (Daniel/Teal’c) by Lady Ra that begins in the 4th season during “Window of Opportunity.” As Daniel falls in love with Teal’c, he needs to find a way to accept Teal’c’s Goa’uld symbiote. The results of Daniel’s “solution” create ripples that affect the entire galaxy … and the fate of the human race.

Although the love story focuses on Daniel and Teal’c, there is a great deal of SG-1 team interaction throughout as well as an emphasis on Jack and Daniel and their close friendship.

Approximately 155,000+ words. Color cover. 200 pages of reduced print in 11 pt columnar format.

And now there is a sequel available! Guardians by Lady Ra continues the story begun in First Prime.


First Prime on Paper

First Prime on CD

Cover art by The Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Interior artwork by Joolz.

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Here are some short excerpts from the novel. They don’t give away much of what happens hopefully but just let you get a little bit of the “flavor” of the story:

Teal’c had never met anyone like Daniel Jackson. Had never met anyone even remotely like him. In his many years, Teal’c had known warriors, despots, false gods, scholars, wise men, and idiots, but never someone as forgiving and compassionate as the man in front of him.

In general, the Tauri were a surprising people, but even among them, Daniel Jackson was different.

Teal’c wanted him for his mate.

“I wish to speak with you,” Teal’c said formally.

“Of course,” Daniel said with a quizzical glance. He proffered an empty coffee cup in Teal’c’s direction. “Coffee?”

“No, thank you.”

“Do you mind if I …?” Daniel asked, waving his own cup around.

“I do not,” Teal’c informed him. He waited patiently while Daniel watched the last of the coffee drip through. Daniel then poured a cup, sniffing appreciatively.

Daniel looked up, saw that Teal’c was still standing, and his eyebrows danced a little. “Ah … do you want to sit?” he asked tentatively.

“I do not,” Teal’c repeated.

The brows danced again. “Okay. What, um, what did you want to talk about?” Daniel stayed standing as well, moving in front of his desk to lean against it.

Teal’c had to remind himself that this conversation was merely to ascertain if the asking of this question would adversely affect his friendship with Daniel. He was not willing to risk that for anything. And while he trusted Daniel’s tolerance as he trusted no other, Teal’c recognized that asking Daniel to become involved with the man who killed his wife might be too much.

“You have asked me many questions about Chulak,” Teal’c began.

Daniel nodded encouragingly. “Yes, I have. You’ve been very forthcoming. I’m grateful for that.”

“I have spoken to you about the warrior caste system, and the taking of warrior mates.”

“Yes,” Daniel agreed again. “I found it fascinating.” He watched Teal’c curiously, no doubt wondering where the conversation was leading.

Teal’c did not like how he was feeling. It was unseemly how fast his heart was beating. It was not befitting a Jaffa warrior to have sweaty palms. Teal’c decided there was nothing to gain by postponing. “I wish for you to become my warrior mate,” he declared.

Daniel’s jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide. “What?” He almost lost control of his cup of coffee but saved it at the last minute, placing it on the desk behind him.

Stoically, Teal’c repeated himself. “I wish for you to become my warrior mate.”

“Uh. Um. I …” Daniel’s eyebrows were as high as Teal’c had ever seen them.

“I do not need to have an answer from you now. I only wish to know if you are completely unwilling to contemplate the possibility.”

“I think I need to sit down,” Daniel said, as he moved to his desk chair and essentially fell into it. Then he looked up at Teal’c and put his hand on his chest. “Me?”

“Yes. I find you most worthy.” That was a bit of an understatement. Teal’c had never met anyone worthier.

“Wow. Huh. Okay. This, um, you’ve caught me by surprise,” Daniel said shakily.

“If you find the idea repugnant …”

“I don’t find the idea repugnant, Teal’c,” Daniel interrupted him. “I’m flattered beyond belief. I just need a moment to catch up. It feels like a lot’s happened in the last minute.” He flashed a wry smile at Teal’c and reached for his coffee, taking a sip, gathering himself.

A part of Teal’c began to relax. Daniel had promised him nothing, and it was premature to get his hopes up, but his faith in Daniel’s aplomb was renewed.

“May I … may I ask what brought this on?” Daniel inquired softly.

Teal’c thought about it for a minute, knowing Daniel would wait until he spoke. “I wish for a companion. The fight against the Goa’uld will no doubt last many years, and I would choose to not be alone for all that time.”

The affection was bright in Daniel’s eyes, and Teal’c basked in it. “I can understand that,” Daniel said. “But wouldn’t it make more sense for you to find a mate on Chulak? I’m sure General Hammond would allow you to bring a mate here to live with you.”

“You are the mate I desire.”

Jack’s eyes prickled, hating that he’d done this to Daniel, made him so sad, taken something important from him, even if he knew he’d had to protect his team when Rothman attacked. It still made him feel like shit. “Daniel, I’m really, really sorry.”

Shaking his head again, Daniel made a short dismissive wave through the air. “Don’t, Jack. I meant what I said. This is a war we’re fighting and there’re going to be casualties. We’ve all lost people we cared about.” He cleared his throat. “I’m just glad you and Sam, and … and Teal’c are all right.” His eyes were bright when he added, “Don’t ever die on me, Jack. I don’t think I could handle it if any of you died. Okay?”

Jack couldn’t resist. He got up, moved around his desk and pulled Daniel up to give him a hug. He’d missed out on his Daniel-back-from-the-dead hug this time around. “That goes double for you, Jackson.” He pulled away. “So, I’m sure you’ll understand when I tell you that I’ve convinced General Hammond to never, ever let you go off-world without at least one of us.”

“Jack,” Daniel snapped out, eyes now bright with affectionate aggravation.

“Don’t even start with me. I’ve heard it all and I don’t believe it.” Jack sat down again. “We are a team. No solo acts from now on.”

Daniel sat back in his chair, defeated, scowling.

Jack let him scowl all he wanted. He didn’t care. All he cared about was that he wasn’t going to be getting any more messages telling him that yet another team had lost Daniel.

Finally Daniel sat up straight and took the papers from Jack’s desk. “You’re a pain in the ass, Jack.”

“Yeah, but you love me anyway.”

That got him another scowl.

Jack pointed at the papers. “You sure you don’t want some company?”

Daniel shook his head. “No. I think I’d rather do this alone.”

Jack pursed his lips. “All right, but there’ll be a nice bottle of wine and a couple of steaks at my house for when you’re done.”

“Maybe tomorrow. I think tonight I’ll be feeling a little too sorry for myself.”

“Well, you know where I’ll be if you change your mind.”

“I know.” He gave Jack a tired smile. “And thanks.” Another brief smile and then he was gone.

Jack swiveled in his chair a little, back and forth, wondering if he should go with Daniel anyway. He finally decided he’d trust Daniel on this. Frowning at the paperwork adorning his desk, he got back to work.

Teal’c lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He could not identify what had gone wrong, but it was clear Daniel was ignoring him. It had been three days since they had returned and he had yet to have a conversation of any length with his friend.

He placed his hand over his pouch as his symbiote started to get fussy again. Junior was also not pleased with the separation.

Teal’c had no intention of giving up his quest, but it would be helpful if he understood what had precipitated Daniel’s withdrawal. Somehow his strategy had gone askew.

Memories of Daniel in his arms intruded again, and Teal’c ruthlessly pushed them away. He had to think clearly, not get lost in futile daydreams. He sat up, swinging his legs to the floor.

There was a knock on his door. “Enter,” he called.

Daniel stuck his head in, an apology on his face. “Hey, Teal’c.” He stayed in the doorway as if unsure of his welcome.

Teal’c stood. “Daniel Jackson.” He struggled to find the correct words to say. “I am pleased to see you. I thought perhaps I had somehow offended you.”

“No, Teal’c. You haven’t. You couldn’t.” Daniel leaned against the door frame.

Teal’c tried not to let it bother him that Daniel would not enter the room.

“I’ve been …” Daniel waved a hand around. “I’ve been feeling a little confused. But I think I’m better now.” He pointed back out the door. “I need to do something, pack up Robert’s things, but I thought maybe later, when I’m done, I could come by and we could, um, we could talk.”

“Of course.” Junior flipped within his pouch; Teal’c’s hand moved to his abdomen.

Daniel grinned briefly. “Tell Junior I’ll talk to him, too.”

“I will convey your message to my symbiote.”

Daniel stood there another minute, staring at Teal’c.

Teal’c indulged himself, staring back, feeling the renewal of their connection like a healing balm. “I shall look forward to your return,” he finally said.

A brief nod, followed by a quick smile, and Daniel turned, shutting the door behind him.

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