Gateway to Eternity

A Stargate SG-1 fanzine. Stories are rated PG. A special one-off zine full of stories and artwork produced as wedding presents for Beth Singer. Angst, hurt/comfort, weddings, adventures, romance, whumping and more! Stories about all of SG-1, but there is a heavy Daniel focus to most of the stories. Just in case the “purpose” of the zine throws you off: this is not a “shipper” zine. There are a few short stories with “het” relationships (Daniel/Sha’re and Jack/Sara) and that is the extent of it. If you’re looking for “ship” and/or Jack/Sam, this isn’t the place. No true “deathfics” although there is an “ascension fic” (what the heck do you really call that???).

Some of these stories have previously been posted to the SG1HC internet mailing list, but none of them were archived on the web at the time of publication. Some of them have been changed and/or edited since their original posting to the list, as well.

Gateway to Eternity

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231 pages of reduced print. Over 156,000 words. Full color front cover. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in the zine:

Disaster in the Key of D Flat by Seanchaidh: When Daniel Jackson disappears on P3R233, Jack O'Neill is in for a very long wait.

For Better or Worse by BadgerGater: A wounded Jack thinks about the changes in his life since he met Sara. Illustrated by Corinna.

A Child of Egypt by Pough: One last mission to see the people of Abydos. One last chance to say goodbye. Daniel finally returns “home.” An alternate version of Meridian. Major character “ascension.”

The Difference Between Despair by Sazz: A young Daniel finds a kindred spirit and learns to cope with being alone in the world.

Fool’s Gold by Corby: Daniel risks his life to make the perfect gift for Sha'uri. But it's a gift that may bring the giver trouble he didn't expect! This is a story that proves men and women think very differently about certain things—and it will take a lot of love to bridge the gap between them.

Sheep’s Clothing by Lex:  A routine “check-up” on some scientists working off-world turns into much more than SG-1 bargained for.

Shaqaa by Aurora: Events during The First Ones, from Shaqaa's point of view.

The Battle Royal by Tiv’ester: Daniel returns to Abydos to find danger lurking around every corner. Political uprisings, uneasy alliances and an enemy from the past are only the beginning of the troubles he faces as he, Kasuf, Skaara, Hammond and all of SG-1 fight to survive. A novel-length hurt/comfort, action/adventure epic!

Wrong Impressions by Deborah Louise Gough: The first impressions aren't always the right ones; a mistake on Daniel's part leads to SG-1 being imprisoned by a seemingly violent and cruel Emperor. Now, the only way to save the team may come at a cost too high for Daniel…

Whispers in the Dark by babs: Daniel’s return to SG-1 after a close call finds his friends and team mates wanting to keep him safe…

Learning by Denise: An epilogue to Bloodlines. Ruminations after the fact leave Daniel questioning his actions.

Hazardous Duty by Tenaya: A couple of Marines surprise Daniel with an unusual off-world request.

One Day by Deborah Louise Gough: Daniel begins his new life on Abydos.

The Wedding by Scribe: SG-1 are invited to return to the Land of Light for Malosha's wedding where Jack and Daniel find themselves unexpected participants in the wedding party.

Full color cover by Sazz. Interior artwork by Leah Rosenthal, Wilma, Corinna, and Amy.

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