Grimmoire #5


A Multimedia gen fanzine. 218 pages, digest-sized. Color cover and back cover by Montana. No deathfic. Now available!

Grimmoire 5 on Paper

Here’s a sample of what’s in the zine:

Solstice by Ann Wortham (Highlander)On the Winter Solstice, two old enemies meet by chance and learn a few things about each other. Duncan gets a birthday present he wasn’t expecting.

The Fires of Kah-loom (Star Trek: The Original Series) by Cheree Cargill — Kirk is honored to share a traditional holiday with Spock on a rare visit home to Vulcan…

The Face as a Mask (Stargate SG-1) by Lorraine Anderson — A retired Jack O’Neill has an unexpected, visitor with an intriguing offer ...

A Delicate Situation (Star Trek: The Original Series) by Doctor Beth — Dr. McCoy only wants to help Spock ...

Duo ex Machina (Highlander) by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal — Cassandra and Methos had more in common than MacLeod ever realized …

Telling Off Father (Good Omens) by Lorraine Anderson — Aziraphale and Crowley need to find something new to combat boredom now that they’re out of their old “jobs”...

Need a Little Christmas (Stargate SG-1) by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal — Jack decides to do a little Christmas “decorating.” An AU version of Daniel’s return.

A Strange Visit to a Con (Star Trek) by Doctor Beth — Kirk and Spock find themselves the reluctant center of attention at a fan convention!

Clueless (Highlander) by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal — A sequel to the episode Timeless. What was Alexa truly thinking as she headed off on a round-the-world tour with Adam Pierson? (Warning: this story does not go where you think it does…)

It’s Dull in Here (Sort of a crossover) by Lorraine Anderson — What could bring all sorts of fannish heroes together in one place?

The Last Letter (Star Trek: AOS) by Doctor Beth — An epilogue to Beth’s novel Well, That’s Just Typical which was a follow-up to Star Trek Beyond. It isn’t necessary to have read the novel but if you’d like to, it is still available from Ashton Press.

Archeologist’s Picnic (Stargate SG-1) by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal — After Daniel’s return to SG-1, General Hammond suggests SG-1 go on a little bit of a “picnic” through the Stargate, thinking they all need a break. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to SG-1. Previously published in Iris Code #4. Rewritten for this publication.

A Holly, Jolly Christmas (Highlander) by Ann Wortham — A holiday bit of fluff about a Seacover party and a misplaced present.

Belief (Stargate SG-1) by Ann Wortham — An introspective piece from Jack’s point of view as he tries to come to terms with what happened to him at the hands of Baal … and Daniel is still there to help. Previously published in All the Roses Falling. Rewritten for this publication.

Dreamcatcher (Stargate: Atlantis) by Sheila Paulson — A novella. When Rodney is stunned, apparently by a Wraith weapon, and Sheppard goes missing, an Ancient mystery is revealed.

The Owl’s Cry (Highlander) by Ann Wortham — Another follow-up to the episode Timeless. Methos adored Alexa Bond and would do anything to protect her … but how can he protect her from his place in the Game?

Saving the Best for Last (Queer a Folk) by Montana1416 — An AU version of the series where Mike finally understands and achieves his heart’s desire. Rated “PG13”.

Kirk and McCoy Plan a Trip to Risa (Star Trek: TOS) by Lorraine Anderson — McCoy thinks Kirk could use some special therapy after the death of Edith Keeler, but a crashed ship and an encounter with a new alien race derail his plans.


Grimmoire #4


A Multimedia gen fanzine. 209 pages, digest-sized.

Color cover and back cover by Montana. No deathfic.

Grimmoire 4 on Paper

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

Four Ghostbusters and a Future's Past by Emily Waldera: (The Real Ghostbusters) An encounter with a malevolent entity and a curse, has the Ghostbusters revisiting their childhoods in an unfamiliar place with seemingly no way back home.

Twins by Susan Macdonald: (Harry Potter) With their kids almost grown, Harry wasn't expecting his wife Ginny's news ...

Temporal Headaches by Lorraine Anderson: (Star Trek: DS9) Quark's. Some tribbles. Some kids. Some Dabo girls. Big trouble on Deep Space Nine.

It's the Muppet Show with Christian Kane! by Susan Macdonald: (The Muppet Show)

The Six Million Dollar Man by Lorraine Anderson: (Magnificent 7/Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis) An AU Mag 7 team works with SG1 and Atlantis as a price is put on Lt. Vin Tanner's head by the Lucian Alliance.

Getting Out of the Car: Happily Ever After by Marta Christjansen: (The X-Files) In another reality, Mulder and Scully set out for a new life together.

The Hobbit of Gondor by Sheila Paulson: (Lord of the Rings) Another one of Sheila's satisfying novellas! Pippin goes missing in the city of Gondor, sending his friends on a quest to find him.

The Shark King by Ann Wortham: (Grimm) Monroe and Rosalee finally get to have their honeymoon in Hawaii but not without encountering some local Wesen!

Grimmoire #3


A Multimedia gen fanzine. 184 pages, digest-sized.

Color cover and back cover by Montana. No deathfic.

Grimmoire #3 on Paper

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

Never Even Saw Him by K Hanna Korossy: (Supernatural)

Harry Potter and the Board of Governors by Susan Macdonald: (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix AU)

Is There a Doctor in the Navy Yard? by Lorraine Anderson: (Dr Who/NCIS)

Mishap in Sunnydale by Susan Macdonald: (The Incredible Hulk/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

More Than Words by serendipity8791: (The Real Ghostbusters)

The Bride from Hell by Susan Macdonald: (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues/Friday the 13th--the Series)

The Mystery in the Library by Lorraine Anderson: (Castle/The Librarians)

Molly by Susan Macdonald: (Supernatural)

The God of Many Eyes by Sheila Paulson: (The Real Ghostbusters) A novella.

Grimmoire #2



A Multimedia gen fanzine with a bit of an emphasis on fairy tales (Grimm) and the supernatural (Buffy, Supernatural, Ghostbusters, etc.). 200 pages, digest-sized.

Color cover and back cover by Montana. No deathfic.

Grimmoire #2 on Paper
 Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

Guilt by Association by JJJunky: (Dark Angel) Joshua attempts to protect Alec ...

Chupacabra by Ann Wortham: (The High Chaparral) Manolito is certain the chupacabra exists but Buck Cannon just isn't buying it ...

Guard Dog by Susan Macdonald: (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Grimm) Buffy had made Spike promise to protect Dawn and he was determined to keep his word ...

Light at the End of the Tunnel by JJJunky: (Supernatural) A ghostly encounter at a lighthouse could prove deadly ...

In the Presence of Mine Enemies by Wendy M.: (The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne) The League of Darkness is determined to learn the secrets of Jules Verne but Phileas, Rebecca and Passepartout are going to protect Jules at any cost ...

Encounter in Portland by Ann Wortham: (Grimm/Supernatural) A late night romp in the woods leads to more trouble than Monroe and Rosalee ever imagined ...

Why Did I Let You Talk Me Into This? by Lorraine Anderson: (Castle) A bet, a murder, and some drag queens ...

The White River Kappa by Susan Macdonald: (Supernatural) A hunt for a supernatural creature gives Sam and Dean the opportunity to visit a Scottish Festival ...

The Tapestry by Sheila Paulson: (The Real Ghostbusters/Grimm) A novella. A cursed tapestry provides a puzzle for the Ghostbusters that they are soon even more desperate to solve when it might result in Peter's death.

Grimmoire #1


A Multimedia gen fanzine with a bit of an emphasis on fairy tales (Grimm) and the supernatural. 200 pages, digest-sized.

Color cover and back cover by Montana. No deathfic.

Grimmoire on Paper
 Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

When Worlds Collide by Storyhaus & Ann Wortham: (Stargate SG-1/CSI) When an archeologist is found murdered at the Luxor hotel, CSI Nick Stokes find himself swept up into something much larger than a simple murder. And who is Dr. Daniel Jackson and why is he involved?

Alliance by Deb Walsh: (Grimm/Sanctuary) Helen Magnus is trying to stop an illegal Abnormal slave operation when she realizes some of the Abnormals they've rescued are something she's never encountered before ... Can an alliance result between the Grimm and the Sanctuary?

The Man with the Dragonbone Flute by Susan Macdonald: (Buckaroo Banzai/Remus Lupin) Remus finds himself invited to join the Hong Kong Cavaliers for a time ... until it all goes wrong.

The Realization by Doctor Beth: (Star Trek Original Series) A missing scenes/extended scenes story surrounding the episode "A Private Little War."

The Surly Bonds of Earth by Sheila Paulson: (Grimm/The Real Ghostbusters) An airplane trip to New York, transporting a Wesen prisoner, find Nick and Monroe in desperate need of some help. Luckily, some of the Ghostbusters are on board!

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