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Southern Lights Special #1.5. Originally published in 1985. 49 pages of reduced print. All Man From UNCLE stories. Adult stories, but no slash. Please send an age statement with your order. See below for some descriptions of the contents.

Southern Lights Special 1.5 on Paper

The Bad Day at Black Rock Affair – Illya’s in a foul mood and Fate seems determined to make it fouler. But the Russian’s timely rescue of a lovely damsel in distress could just change his luck…!

The “This Vacation Is Not As Incredibly Boring As I Thought It Would Be” Affair – It’s Christmas time and Illya is feeling homesick. He takes a vacation to get away from it all and things are pretty quiet – until Sarah Jane Smith skis over him…

The Interlude Affair – It was a routine stakeout assignment for Napoleon Solo and April Dancer until things start to “heat” up a little bit…

The Russian Physicist Affair – Napoleon is intrigued by Larissa Petrov but not half as intrigued as he is about her relationship with Illya…

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