Off the Record

A Stargate SG-1 slash fanzine with a twist. The existence of alternate realities has been firmly established as “canon” on the show. Our authors have taken an episode and rewritten it in some way, creating an alternate universe. Or they have written a completely original tale about an alternate reality SGC. What-ifs or alternate universes altogether! But one thing is constant: this zine is all slash, all Jack/Daniel. We have a companion zine, Splinters, which is all gen stories. A big thank you to Tiv’ester and Sanna for approaching me with the original idea for Splinters. Three issues are in print and available.

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Stargate Fanzine Off the Record

Off the Record 1


Off the Record #1 on Paper


Off the Record #1 on CD

Approximately 126,500 words. Color cover and back cover. Beautiful black and white illustrations, portraits and cartoons. This issue contains mainly novellas and one short story. 183 reduced print pages.

Color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by Amy, Leah Rosenthal, Wilma, TACS and more.

Bring Me to Life by Montana1416: A novella. The NID find a descended Daniel before the SGC and four years later two strangers meet on a train in Italy … A new adventure begins as Jack helps Daniel rediscover his past and SG-1 works to uncover an NID plot before Daniel ends up lost to them again … forever.

A League of a Different Color by Starblade: Superheroes, cult leaders, and quantum realties. Oh my! In an alternate universe, Jack, Daniel and the rest of SG-1 live very different lives in the League. The fight against the Goa’uld has taken a totally different course and the members of an elite League of super heroes fight to keep Earth safe. “Our” SG-1 must join forces with their counterparts temporarily before they can return to their own reality.

Prophecy by Kiva: In this novella, events take a different turn at Kelowna, leaving Daniel alive, Jonas at the SGC, and unexpectedly bringing Jack and Daniel together. Further into the future, Daniel begins experiencing precognitive visions that seem to foretell the destruction of the SGC. Will Daniel be able to use his newfound abilities to help his friends … or will they prove to be the death of him?

Journey’s End by Graculus: Daniel Jackson thought nothing would ever fill the void left inside of him after the death of his lover. Jack O’Neill thought little could ever make him feel truly alive again. But Dr. Langford was about to change the destiny of both men … and a universe. A novella.

The Tomb of the Forgotten Queen by J. M. Griffin: J.M. Griffin brings us another long novella. Daniel Jackson was certain that the excavation site was going to reveal “marvelous things,” perhaps even the one thing he had searched for since childhood. What he hadn’t counted on were the unexpected complications, especially the one called “Jack.”

Off the Record 2


Off the Record #2 on Paper


Off the Record #2 on CD

Color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts.

Hold Me by Sistine: A novella. Nirrti is determined to destroy SG-1 and joins forces with Baal to obtain genetic material to further her experiments. After Daniel’s return from ascension, his memory is still not fully returned, but he has finally recalled a previous relationship with Jack and they have renewed their life together … but a special virus engineered by Nirrti may conspire keep them apart forever.

8 Seconds to Paradise by J. M. Griffin: Somehow, no matter the reality, Jack and Daniel still find each other … and their destiny.

Binary Roles by Icarus: Col. Jack O’Neill doesn't believe in second chances, least of all when it involves the impossible, improbable, or just damned unlikely. Yet six months after his death, there was Daniel, Mr. Improbable, walking down the ramp. He knew there had to be a catch. Wouldn't you know the fine print turned out to be Thor and Daniel's final "good deed."

Almost Like Being in Love by Montana1416: Another nice, long novella from Montana. In another reality, Jack and Daniel meet as teenagers and fall in love. But circumstances separate them. Twenty years later, many relationships after Jack O’Neill and still looking for “the one,” Daniel Jackson decides to take a journey back to find his first love … even at the expense of leaving what might be his greatest discovery ever behind. The Stargate.

Off the Record 3

Off the Record #3 on Paper

Approximately 51,000 words. Color cover and back cover (pirates!). Color insert. This issue contains two full length novellas.

Color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Color back cover by Montana. Interior artwork by Montana and Leah Rosenthal.

25 or 6 to 4 by Montana1416: A novella. Bad weather, a mission gone wrong, a chance encounter in Central America … Jack O’Neill never joined the Stargate program but in the end fate still bound him to Daniel Jackson.

Without Question by Sistine: A novella. The Kelownans and Jonas Quinn will do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge they need from Daniel Jackson … but Daniel just isn’t cooperating.

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