Pretense 11

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Full color covers. All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Color cover and back cover. Artwork by Montana. No deathfic. Approximately 196 pages, digest-sized. Mail orders will not be shipped until the middle of June, 2012.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

Schisms by Storyhaus & Quale: Daniel is lost on a mission and only Jack can save him .

Monsters by Galaxy: Jack and Daniel try to come to terms with each other and everything that's happened after Gemini.

Rainy Days & Mondays by Storyhaus & Quale: In The Changeling, Jack tells T that he knows a resident psychologist who can help him. This AU explains how Jack and Daniel met ... and much more!

Destiny by Jan Kent: A mission to the Destiny bring Jack and Daniel together .

The Sands of Time by Storyhaus & Quale: After Reese's death, Daniel doesn't feel he belongs at the SGC anymore. He resigns and returns to Egypt where he meets a mysterious stranger who soothes his aching soul. But can he ever really forget the past ... and Jack O'Neill? An AU novella.

Long Distance by Natalie McPeak: Jack finds his job in Washington D.C. and the separate from Daniel "difficult" to deal with ...

Limited Gene Pool by Storyhaus & Quale: When Daniel is kidnapped by the Lucian Alliance, SG-1 must spring into action.

Pretense 11

We need lots and lots of Jack and Daniel stories for upcoming issues! I’m especially interested in longer stories/novellas and even novels!

Submissions are open for any Jack/Daniel stories. Angst, action/adventure, hurt/comfort, smarm and good old-fashioned romance are all welcomed. The only requirements are Jack and Daniel somehow getting together or being together. I will accept 6th season stories but only if Daniel is in them (well, this is a Jack/Daniel zine). No stories where a major character is permanently dead, please. I’m especially looking for a few longer stories, but I will accept any length. A minimum amount of artwork or story is required for a full contributor’s copy, however. Stories must not be published elsewhere (including the internet) for a minimum of one year following the official “in print” date of the fanzine. (Please read submission guidelines).

If you are interested in submitting to any of our upcoming publications, please click here to view our submission guidelines.

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