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2003 FanQ Winner
Best Stargate Slash Story: “Just Good Friends” by ELG
Best Stargate Slash Artist: Leah Rosenthal

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Stories are rated PG to X for explicit male/male sex. All slash. All Jack/Daniel. Reduced print (Times New Roman, 11 point, in columnar format). Full color cover. Approximately 143,000+ words. 219 pages.

Pretense 4

Deferred Pleasures by Circe: Trapped on a planet and being hunted by Nirrti's Jaffa, Jack and Daniel are forced to take shelter in a freezing cave for the night. An erotic dream of Jack's leads to surprising revelations but any pleasures are going to have to be deferred until they are safely back on Earth. First they have to escape through the heavily-guarded Stargate.

Baseball and Bicycles by babs: Jack's ex-wife Sara gives him a special present, and Daniel is there to help him through the emotional aftermath.

More Than Fraternal Instincts… by Brenda & ELG: After the events of Maternal Instinct, Jack realizes it isn't just fraternal feelings he has for Daniel.

Hathor Strikes Back by Puff and Ruffle: Hathor returns with a vendetta against Jack and Daniel…

Therapy by Penelope: When Daniel is tortured at the hands of Apophis, he turns to Jack to help him recover his equilibrium.

You Are Mine by Wilma Hoogland: An unwitting encounter with an old enemy’s legacy, finds SG-1 fighting for Daniel’s life…and Jack fighting increasingly inappropriate feelings towards his friend.

Just Good Friends by ELG: A shared road trip to Jack’s ex-wife’s wedding leads both Jack and Daniel on an exploration of their friendship. A novella.

Bedside Manner by Ai’yn: Jack finds that taking care of a recuperating Daniel tempts him past his ability to resist…but what if Daniel is a willing victim?

Birthday Wishes by Brenda: Jack gets the best birthday surprise!

Horizontal Hold by Catspaw: Jack wants attention and he wants it now…especially when he’s bored to distraction and the television refuses to work…

Unburdened by Nancy: An off-world accident brings Jack and Daniel closer in more ways than one.

Slow by Jae Kayelle: The best things in life take time to build…

Friends of Old, Relationships of New by Shannon: Jack accompanies Daniel as he reunites with an old childhood friend and they both learn a few things about each other. (A Stargate/FAKE crossover).

Everybody Does It by Spaceweeble: Birds do it. Bees do it. Archaeologists twist their ankles in the shower whilst trying to do it, and have to deal with awkward questions from their sarcastic commanding officers later.

One Man’s Fantasy by Geminia: All of the elements combine to bring Jack his dream come true…unfortunately, he didn’t count on Daniel’s reaction to his colonel’s favorite “fantasy.”

“Mellon” by Ellison Wonderland: What seems like a routine mission turns sinister as Daniel begins to make sense of a translation…

A Little More Bite by Blossom: Daniel gets a lesson in just how far Jack will go to drive him insane…but it’s a lesson he enjoys!

Full color cover by The Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by Amy, Corinna, sgtsiler, Kristina, Leah Rosenthal and Wilma.

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