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Approximately 127,000+ words. Color cover. 190 pages of reduced print in columnar format.

Pretense 5

Winner – Best Slash Zine

Winner – Best Artist – Cartoon by Leah Rosenthal

Best Stargate Story – “Bittersweet Symphony” by Corby
Best Stargate Novella – “Janus” by JayEm, Tenaya, Geminia, Seanchaidh & Lea
Best Stargate Short Story – “Confessions” by Ankh


Bittersweet Symphony by Corby: After giving up the universe, a descended Daniel has to search for new reasons to live. The music of the spheres is still calling to him—will he hear a more basic rhythm closer to his heart?

The Undefended Territory by Julie Fortune: Jack and Daniel discover something buried under the ice on PX4-373 that is much more frightening than the Goa’uld… A novella.

That Which Denies by JayEm: In this novella, the distance between Daniel and the rest of his team grows ever wider. Daniel becomes isolated in his misery leading to dire consequences that lead them all to reassess where they've been and where they are going as a team, friends, and, in Jack and Daniel’s case, possibly something more.

What a Ride! by Wilma: Jack teaches Daniel how to ride a bicycle. Really! Well, a few other things go on, as well…

The Difference by Seanchaidh: When you have all the power in the universe, what is its true worth when you can't defend the ones you love?

Treasure the Moments by babs: A mission away from SG-1 that goes badly wrong forces Daniel to make a choice: run for his feelings or confront them.

Beginnings by Shannon: An AU crossover with a Japanese manga series called “FAKE”. Jack and Daniel have been lovers for about a month now, thanks to a cupid by the name of Dee Laytner. A sequel to “Friends of Old, Relationships of New” published in Pretense #4.

Confessions by Ankh: Jack learns a few interesting things about the not so “innocent” Daniel …

Detour by I Wrote This: Daniel needs Jack help to readjust to life at the SGC. A speculative Season 7 piece.

Janus by Quinn, JayEm, Tenaya, Geminia, Seanchaidh, and Lea: In this novella, Daniel fears that nothing will ever be the same with Jack and his teammates after they are separated due to his appendicitis. When he sets out to discover the truth behind Jack’s strange behavior, it could mean death for both himself and Sam!

Sunshine by elfin: A post-Abyss Jack and Daniel vignette.

Go the Distance by J. M. Griffin:  Sometimes there is no rescue—and no going back. Sometimes you just have to go the distance. Warning: rape.

Past Present by Kiva: In an AU ending and tag to “Past and Present,” events bring the unresolved feelings of Daniel and Jack to a head.

Fruits of Passion by Seanchaidh: Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to have some naughty fun. Consensual bondage and abuse of fruit …

Full color cover. More cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. Artwork by Wilma, Amy, Sgtsiler, Corinna, J. M. McClure and more.

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