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Pretense 6

All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Approximately 177,000+ words. Our *largest issue ever*! Color cover. Color back cover. Beautiful black and white illustrations, portraits and cartoons. As always, this issue contains an eclectic mix of novellas, short stories, PWPs and vignettes. 255 pages of reduced print in columnar format.

A Coming Storm by devra and JoaG: Stranded and injured off-world, Jack and Daniel are forced to battle their emotions while fighting for their lives in a deadly storm.

Strange Symmetry by J.M. Griffin: Symmetry - Beauty as a result of balance or harmonious arrangement. In the time shortly after his re-entry into the world of the living, Daniel is searching to gain balance in his new life. Through the gate with the SG-1 team once more, he finds things coming together in a way he never would have dreamed possible.

In the Hands of Love by babs: An off-world accident has repercussions for Jack and Daniel's relationship.

Transcendent by Montana1416: An encounter with people who might be the long lost descendants of the Anasazi Indians leaves more than a lasting impression and becomes a life-changing experience for Jack and Daniel. A nice, long novella wherein Jack and Daniel finally find each other … again.

Sanctuary by Star: After a period of estrangement, Jack and Daniel finally discover why they're so comfortable in each other's spaces.

Moon by Kalimyre: After being ribboned so many times, Daniel begins to have precognitive dreams. In helping Daniel to harness this ability, Jack learns something about him that Daniel wanted to keep secret. Will it tear them apart or ultimately, finally, bring them together? A novella.

Christmas Party by Julia Justina: A Christmas party, too much to drink and a despondent Daniel … and Jack ends up with a lot to think about.

When Love Hurts by Darcy: Daniel has finally told Jack he is bisexual, but the result isn’t what he had hoped for … so Daniel has moved on and found someone else to share his life with. Jack wants to believe Daniel is happy and he wants to be happy for him … but something doesn’t seem quite right. A novella.

Rules Were Made to Be Broken by Kiva: Jack and Daniel find some interesting ways to “amuse” themselves while waiting for a rescue. A short story with hurt/comfort and gophers.

Epiphanies by Nancy: Pre-slash. A failed mission brings unexpected revelations for Jack.

Birthday Melodies by Shannon: Another entry in Shannon’s Stargate/FAKE crossover series. Jack searches for the perfect birthday gift for Daniel and finds it in a connection to Daniel’s past.

Family Matters by Gigi Sinclair: Jack and Daniel bring home an unexpected souvenir from a planet with a shortage of men. Will it bring them closer together or be their undoing? And what will become of SG-1?

Ambush by Julia Justina: After a long day at work, Daniel Jackson just wanted a shower, a meal, and a drink. The man hiding in the shadows had different ideas; he also had a gun.

Equal Opportunity by Kiva: Switching bodies during the events of “Holiday,” gives Daniel some ideas. A humorous PWP episode tag.

Even Trade by Ionah: Jack and Daniel try to forge a new relationship together after Daniel’s return from ascension, but there are many lies between them.

Pleasure Before Pain by Sistine: Jack does something unexpected with Daniel and regrets it until an epiphany after a mission gone wrong finally helps him see the light. A novella full of angst, hurt/comfort and action/adventure.

Daniel Does Chocolate by Seanchaidh: Jack gives Daniel a special gift that leads to some seductive fun. An amusing little PWP.

Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by TACS, Amy, Sgtsiler, Wilma, Leah Rosenthal and more.

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