Pretense 8

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All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Beautiful color and black and white artwork and a mix of novellas, short stories and vignettes in every issue.

Pretense 8

Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Color back cover by Montana. Artwork by K9, Montana, Rosenthal, JDArt, Amy, LizardSpots.

All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Beautiful illustrations, portraits and cartoons. As always, featuring an eclectic mix of novellas, short stories, PWPs and vignettes.

Reflections by Sistine: After the events of “Moebius,” Jack and Daniel reflect on what might have been.

Jack and Daniels by LadyRa: Jack touches something he shouldn’t and goes on an unexpected journey. Will “his” Daniel be able to bring him home again before it’s too late?

On Top of the Equine by JoaG: In this nice, long story, the team struggles to free a trapped Daniel before the world comes tumbling down on him.

Chapter Two by Tenshinya: After Jack reveals his feelings for Sam, Daniel feels slighted and hurt – but can he deal with old passions and new revelations?

Sins of the Flesh by Sistine: A novella. Through the loss of Sha’re and so many things, Jack O’Neill has been there for Daniel – as a friend. But on P2R-993, the locals are convinced Jack and Daniel are lovers … and Daniel may pay the ultimate price for their “sin.”

Connecting the Dots by Shoshone: A novella where it’s all about trying to get back to the gate on a planet with hostile ground, vicious wildlife, and no trees.

Au Jus by Griffinspark: After the team’s “outing” at O’Malley’s, Jack and Daniel can’t sleep and learn a new appreciation of one another.

Between the Lines by devra: Jack has returned to Cheyenne Mountain for a visit, reading “between the lines” of SG-1’s recent mission reports, to check up on the health of his team and, of course, for a special visit with his favorite archeologist.

Good Egyptian Daddy by Montana: Daniel thought a handwriting analysis class might come in useful in his work. He never thought he’d end up involved with Pete Shanahan, the NID … and accused of murder! A novella.

Momentum by Graculus: Daniel finds himself increasingly in conflict with the military mindset and even the physical release he has found with Jack isn’t enough anymore … ultimately, he feels his only choice is to leave the SGC. Until a mission gone wrong back at the SGC sets into a motion a series of life-changing events for all of the members of SG-1 … A “what-if?” novella.

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