Pretense 9

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All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Eight issues now available and still going strong. Beautiful color and black and white artwork and a mix of novellas, short stories and vignettes in every issue.


Pretense 9

Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Color back cover by Montana. Artwork by Montana, Rosenthal and JDArt. Two color inserts.

All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Short stories, an AU novella and a special novel from Lady Ra. Approximately 90,000 words.

Lost in a Kiss by Ruffle: Jack only wants to be lost in Daniel’s kiss …

Confession by Sistine: After a series of stressful events, Jack finally tells Daniel just what he means to him.

Stuck in a Moment by VampyrAlex: Daniel and Jack find their way to each other past misunderstandings and survive a mission gone badly wrong …

Birchwood Manor by Storyhaus:  Jack O’Neill doesn’t trust Robert Kinsey but when he brings Daniel Jackson to Birchwood Manor it looks like he may have brought the answer to the family’s prayers. Has Duke George Hammond been reunited with his long lost grandson at last? An alternate universe novella.

Rubbings by Puff and Ruffle: Jack thinks Daniel works too hard – he should spend a little time working on him, instead!

Civilians by LadyRa: A novel length alternate universe ending to the episode “Point of View.” What if the AU Sam hadn’t been so willing to let go of Jack? What if Daniel wasn’t willing to let Jack go easily, either?

Submissions are open for any Jack/Daniel stories for Pretense 10. Angst, action/adventure, hurt/comfort, smarm and good old-fashioned romance are all welcomed. The only requirements are Jack and Daniel somehow getting together or being together. I will accept 6th season stories but only if Daniel is in them (well, this is a Jack/Daniel zine). No stories where a major character is permanently dead, please. I’m especially looking for a few longer stories, but I will accept any length. A minimum amount of artwork or story is required for a full contributor’s copy, however. Stories must not be published elsewhere (including the internet) for a minimum of one year following the official “in print” date of the fanzine. (Please read submission guidelines).

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