Redemption 12

A Stargate SG-1 gen fanzine focusing on Jack, Daniel and team stories. Color covers by Montana. An eclectic mix of short stories, novellas and vignettes focusing on the team of SG-1 and the friendship of Jack and Daniel. Pure “gen” and no “ship” stories. No deathfic. Approximately 176 pages, digest-sized.

Color covers by Montana. Pure “gen” and no “ship” stories. An eclectic mix of short stories by Susan Macdonald, Storyhaus & Ann Wortham, Doctor Beth, Lorraine Anderson and a novella by Sheila Paulson in this issue.

Redemption 12 on Paper

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

Teal'c in a Kilt by Susan Macdonald: Teal'c is anxious to find out what "Highland Games" are all about so Jack and the rest of SG-1 take him on a field trip.

The Nobel Prize by Doctor Beth: A crossover with The Big Bang Theory. A device to contact aliens yields results far beyond Sheldon's dreams ...

Too Much Time by Storyhaus & Ann Wortham: A "fill in the blanks" type story that takes place during "A Matter of Time." Daniel was off world with SG-6 when contact with the SGC was lost ... this is what happened to Daniel and the off world teams.

What If? by Lorraine Anderson: The discovery of a giant Sphynx on a mission yields important discoveries that only come to light much later.

Last Look by Storyhaus & Ann Wortham: The Stargate program is public and the SGC facilities are considered a "museum." However, one elderly tourist has some thoughts about the exhibits ...

The Root of the Matter by Sheila Paulson: A novella. When a mission is complicated not only by violent storms on the planet but the sudden arrival of Apophis and Jaffa, SG-1 find themselves relying on unexpected allies.

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