Issue #4 — A Stargate SG-1 gen fanzine focusing on Jack, Daniel and team stories.

Approximately 143,000+ words. 203 pages of reduced print (Times New Roman, 11 point, in columnar format). Color covers and six color inserts. Our biggest issue of Redemption to date!

Redemption #4

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Full color front and back covers and six color inserts. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in the zine:

Rubicon by Nancy Richardson: Daniel unwittingly seeks for something on an alien planet and Jack’s along for the ride.

Rebirth by ETS: A novella that fills in the gaps of “Fallen” and “Homecoming” as Daniel readjusts to his life back with SG-1 and among the people of the SGC. Some returning memories are harder to bear than others, but his team mates are there for him.

Dream Team by Darcy: How do new guys view the legendary SG 1?  With respect, intimidation, fear, admiration, all of the above?  Find out first hand from a newbie point of view.

In Deed, In Thought, In Spirit by Wilma Hoogland: This novella takes place a couple of weeks after The Curse. Daniel is kidnapped and forced to use his skills to aid an enemy, Colonel O’Neill is in a strange coma, and what is at first thought to be an NID plot soon takes a bizarre twist involving the Goa’uld and the Tok’ra.

Just When You Least Expect It by Tiv’ester: A short story centered around Fallen as SG-1 and Daniel meet up again.

Promises Made by Kiva: Jack and Daniel have a little talk about the real reason Daniel seems reluctant to return to Abydos, as the anniversary of his departure from the planet after his wife's abduction rolls around. (Set shortly before Secrets.)

Words by Sheila Paulson: After a blow to the head, Daniel seems to be suffering from a strange form of aphasia.

Mri Di Ankh by Nefret: A short story picking up at the end of Homecoming as SG-1 finally welcomes Daniel completely home.

Hush by JoaG: A new planet with possible ties to ancient Minoan culture finds SG-1 in trouble once again and Daniel struggling to understand what they have done to offend the locals.

A Period of Silent Reflection by Julie Fortune: There's only one thing worse than playing diplomat for Jack O'Neill: doing it in pantomime. Trapped on a planet where silence is an art form, Jack makes one faux pas too many, and all the remedial meditation in the world can't save him -- or SG-1 -- from the ultimate consequences of his actions.

Thick by L. A. Carr: Jack has a “secret” from the rest of SG-1 that could ultimately prove their downfall … or their salvation.

It’s Never What You Think by K. Hanna Korossy: In this novella, Jack disappears in the middle of a briefing and before long, the remaining members of SG-1 find themselves trying to solve an ancient alien puzzle to locate and rescue their missing commander and friend before it’s too late.

Artwork by Leah Rosenthal, Cat’s Meow Creative Arts, Amy, Wilma, Lightfoot, Sheila Paulson, JDArt and Sgtsiler!

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