Issue #5 — A Stargate SG-1 gen fanzine focusing on Jack, Daniel and team stories.

Approximately 140,000 words. 207 reduced print pages. (Times New Roman, 11 point, in columnar format). Color covers and six color inserts. Color cover. Color inserts. Gorgeous color and black and white interior artwork. An eclectic mix of novellas, short stories and vignettes focusing on the team of SG-1 and the friendship of Jack and Daniel.


Redemption #5

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Full color front and back covers and six color inserts. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in the zine:

Cocidian by brihana25: It is December 21. SG-1 are held captive off-world with one of their own seriously ill, and no hope of being rescued in time. Will they all make it back to the SGC? Or will they watch a friend die a million light-years from home? A novella.

Home Flight by Yum@: It’s a special anniversary and Daniel couldn’t bear to be at the SGC, so he went to England to retrieve an artifact. But now he’s on his way home … to find something he never expected waiting for him.

The Price of Knowledge by Nancy Richardson: Jack rescues Daniel and brings him home, but what price has Daniel paid for the mission? A missing scene and tag for Evolution 2.

The Great Daniel by Sheila Paulson: An unusual encounter with a doppelganger and an innocent lark ultimately turns dangerous when Daniel literally meets his “match”!

Rough Waters by Wilma Hoogland: Daniel has been kidnapped, and Jack, Sam and Teal’c find themselves at the mercies of pirates on a watery planet in this action/adventure novella. To make matters worse, Daniel finds himself smack dab in the middle of a family crisis and a political intrigue that could ultimately prove deadly. Will SG-1 be able to rescue him before it’s too late?

Nondisclosure Agreement by Tiv’ester: General Hammond finds an unexpected ally against Senator Kinsey. A humorous little “what if?” version of “Disclosure.”

Watching His Six by DebA and JoaG: Another nice long novella. After an unfortunate round of accidents at the SGC, Daniel's friends vow to get to the bottom of his bad luck. Could it really be true that Daniel’s depression over the death of Sha’re has resulted in suicidal behavior … or is something else going on?

Smiling by Marcia Brin: A purely speculative short story based on spoilers for the season ender, The Lost City, postulating what might happen to Jack O’Neill after the end of the episode.

For the Good of the Team by K Hanna Korossy: Jack considers leaving the SGC after a mission gone wrong. Will he stay or will he go – and why?

Transformations by SG1Storyteller: An AU version of “Metamorphosis” set in 7th season with Daniel as a member of the team as they confront Nirrti and her genetic experiments.

Augury by SG1Storyteller: An AU version of “Prophecy” set in 7th season with Daniel as a member of the team. A sequel to “Transformations.”

Artwork by Leah Rosenthal, Cat’s Meow Creative Arts, Amy, Wilma, Lightfoot and more!

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