Redemption 8

A Stargate SG-1 gen fanzine focusing on Jack, Daniel and team stories. Color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal and more interior artwork from Amy. An eclectic mix of short stories and vignettes focusing on the team of SG-1 and the friendship of Jack and Daniel. Pure “gen” and no “ship” stories. No deathfic.. 104 pages digest-sized.


Redemption 8

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A glimpse inside:

Leap to the Stars by Lorraine Anderson: What happens when two top-secret programs collide?

Four short story “missing scenes” by K Hanna Korossy:

Unseen Legacy: Daniel wonders why Jonas was believed during the episode “Unseen” and his own treatment at the hands of his team was so different during “Legacy.”

End of the Race: A tag scene for “The Fifth Race.” Jack explains what happened to him.

Entirety: A tag scene for “Entity” as Jack and Daniel come to terms with each other and what happened.

Out the Window: An epilogue for “Window of Opportunity.”

All About Change by Storyhaus: After “Moebius” SG-1 come together as a team and try to make sense of the changes as they plan to move forward with their lives and careers while maintaining their unique friendships.

MIA by Yum@: Jack finds it difficult to adapt to life as a general, waiting behind while SG-1 is in danger without him.

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