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A fanzine dedicated to the relationship between Dean and various angels who have appeared on the show. Some stories are explicit slash.

Full color covers by Montana. Artwork by Montana. Approximately 175 pages, digest sized.

Saving Grace by Orithain & Rina: Dean/Gabriel AU Novella (written before Season 6 aired). Anna’s grace was in a tree; where would Gabriel’s be hidden?

A Beautiful Friendship by Orithain: Crowley/Dean/Gabriel PWP. Everybody lives. And they celebrate in their own special (PWP) way.

Hope is a Thing With Feathers by Rina: Dean/Castiel. Castiel falls to Earth. (Written during Season 4 so AU based on current canon).

That Kept So Many Warm by Orithain & Rina: Dean/Castiel. Dean and Castiel find their way toward each other with a few bumps in the road.

Plead the Cause of the Poor and Needy by Orithain & Rina: Castiel/Michael Novella. Dean said yes, but Michael was nothing like anyone expected.

Elvis Slept Here by Orithain & Rina: Dean/Gabriel. Castiel and Michael weren’t the only ones noticing each other in "Plead the Cause of the Poor and the Needy." Things between Dean and Gabriel are a little earthier.


Send Me An Angel

Submissions are open for any Dean and Castiel Supernatural stories for Fallen #3. Any rating is okay from G to X. Angst, action/adventure, hurt/comfort, vignettes and more are all welcomed. I’m especially looking for a few longer stories, but I will accept any length. A minimum amount of artwork or story is required for a full contributor’s copy, however. Stories must not be published elsewhere (including the internet) for a minimum of one year following the official “in print” date of the fanzine. (Please read submission guidelines).

If you are interested in submitting to any of our upcoming publications, please click here to view our submission guidelines.

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