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2003 FanQ Winner
Best Stargate Non-Fiction Zine
Best Stargate Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal
Best Highlander Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal
Best Highlander Non-Fiction Zine
Best Multi-Media Non-Fiction Zine
Best Multi-Media Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal

2004 FanQ Winner
Best Stargate Non-Fiction Zine

Calendars from Ashton Press – Custom printed calendars featuring Leah Rosenthal’s Stargate and Highlander cartoons, a multi-media cartoon calendar featuring Lost, 24, Man from UNCLE, Alias, Andromeda, Witchblade, Stargate, Highlander, and more, as well as versions of Michael Shanks, Adrian Paul, Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield with candid photos.

Stargate Slash Zines


Stargate Gen Zines

Stargate "Ship" Zines

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