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Just Deserts #1. Originally published in 1985. 128 pages of reduced print. See below for some descriptions of the contents.

Just Deserts #1 on Paper

The Need For Faith Raid by Linda Knights: The Patrol is forced to leave an injured Moffitt behind when duty calls. Of course, they get into trouble and have to be rescued!

The Sweet Dreams Raid by Lorraine Bartlett: Troy is having a hard time dealing with conflicting feelings toward Dietrich and matters can only get worse when his worst nightmare begins to come true…

The Friend Indeed Raid by L.A. Carr: Poor Mark Hitchcock is in trouble again, only this time a stranger comes to his aid…

The Ashes to Ashes Raid by Cathy Bryson & Carol Jenkins: The Patrol returns to North Africa many years after the war to pay tribute to Moffitt’s father…

The Fedora Raid by Susan Hall: The Patrol is rather taken aback by the man Indiana Jones and his strange to desire to retrieve his fedora from the Germans…

The Mirror Twin Raid by Diane Farnsworth: Dietrich and Troy are more alike than either one would like to admit…

The Tea and Crumpets Raid by Susanne McGhin: Moffitt finds some unusual help when he is lost in the desert with the German Army surrounding him…

The Nightmare Raid by Allen Quale: Hitchcock just can not stay out of trouble lately. Only this time, it’s definitely not his fault… will Sam Troy be able to live with the fact that it’s his fault…?

Just Deserts #2. Originally published in 1987. 113 pages of reduced print. See below for some descriptions of the contents.

Just Deserts #2 on Paper

The Time of Testing Raid by Linda Knights: A continuation of “The Need For Faith Raid” from Issue #1. Meg’s love for Moffitt is tested by her admiration for an honorable man…Hans Dietrich!

As The Twig is Bent by Marcia Brin: What would the members of the Patrol do with their rather “specialized” talents once the war was over?

The Doctor is in Raid by JoLynn Horvath: The Patrol and Dietrich are forced into an uneasy truce when they are all forced to rely on a Red Cross doctor for aid.

The Aryan Raid by L.A. Carr: Mark Hitchcock has the looks of a “perfect” Aryan and a Nazi scientist has plans for our fair-haired boy. A sequel to “The Thicker Than Water Raid” from Issue #1.

In Definition: A Traitor by Linda Knights: The final installment in “The Need For Faith” stories. Dietrich is finally run to ground by the Patrol with the help of an undercover officer. But will Dietrich accept his defeat?

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