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Stories are rated PG to X for explicit male/male sex. All slash. All Jack/Daniel. Over 200 pages of reduced print (Times New Roman, 11 point, in columnar format). Approximately 151,000 words. (Page down further to see details for other issues of Pretense.)

Pretense 1

A little romance, a little angst, a little hurt/comfort and lots and lots of Jack and Daniel. Does it get any better than this? There are no deathfics and only one story has previously appeared on the web (in a different, gen context — see description below). Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in Issue #1:

Perfect Setting by Circe: When Jack is given the chance to attend a conference of allies against the Goa'uld he must first drink a potion that will reveal to him his “true self.” His self-revelation is as welcome to Daniel as it is surprising to both of them, but when Daniel is kidnapped by an unscrupulous bounty hunter, Jack has to put his faith in the Tok'ra if he hopes to ever see Daniel again. A novella.

Tears for the Innocents by babs: Daniel has trouble dealing with the aftermath of a tragic mission. Jack helps him cope.

Unsuspected by PhoenixE: While waiting for help to arrive in the aftermath of a terrible off-world accident Sam learns something about two of her team members she never suspected.

Go Fish by Xochiquetzl: Jack. Daniel. Fishing. Beer. Books in peril.

Slaves by Puff and Ruffle: Far from home, on the run, separated from their companions—and a bad case of shared amnesia—leave Jack and Daniel in a bad situation. When they finally regain their memories, will they be able to come to terms with the changes in their relationship? A novella.

Change in my Life by Brionhet: The road to true love never did run smooth. Jack and Daniel hit some rough pavement.

Aschen Nights by ELG: After Carter has to leave Faxon behind with the Aschen, Jack muses on all he and his team have lost and all that he and Daniel have found in one another.

It Never Rains But It Pours by Hapshut: While off-world with another team, Daniel is forced into some unwelcome interaction with the local matriarch. Will his subsequent worries impact on his relationship with Jack? (A different “gen” version of the first part of this story is available on the internet.)

Payback by Circe: After the events of “Shades of Grey,” Jack and Daniel get drunk and make up, but end up making out as well. (PWP)

Minnesota by Brenda and ELG: A brush with death for Jack leaves Daniel in need of rest and recuperation. Jack makes sure that vacation comes with a side order of freshly-caught bass and serious TLC.

Perfect Reproduction by Ankh: This story follows on from the events of season 4 episode, “Double Jeopardy.” When you lose something special can you really get it back? When you're “a robot” is life and love any less real?

Homecoming by Brenda: Jack comes back from a visit to Washington to a warm welcome…and an archaeologist with a secret.

The Anniversary by ALF: Daniel finds out just how much Jack cares about him.

The Need to Know by Biblio: Stranded together, Jack and Daniel find themselves upping the ante in their relationship…

Give by Puff: Daniel is no longer sure of Jack in the aftermath of “Shades of Gray.” Can Jack regain his trust?

Plus Ca Change by Livengoo: Jack and Daniel needed a change. They just weren't sure what kind…

Bliss by Brenda and ELG: After the events of “Seth,” Jack finds he can no longer conceal his true feelings for Daniel. But a very satisfactory close encounter in the showers is interrupted by SG-3, and from then on circumstances seem determined to keep them apart.

And even more stories! Full color cover by Alice.

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