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Best Stargate Slash Poem: “Interplay” by Rowan

Best Stargate Slash Artist: Leah Rosenthal

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Stories are rated PG to X for explicit male/male sex. All slash. All Jack/Daniel. 233 pages of reduced print (Times New Roman, 11 point, in columnar format). Full color cover. Approximately 162,600 words.


Pretense 3

Documentary Jack by ELG: After a week recovering from a cold and separated from Daniel, Jack is bored, lonely and addicted to the Discovery Channel. Luckily, Daniel arrives home in time to get his mind back on more important matters.

An Oasis of Truth by wimsy: A legacy of despair, a mountain of anger, and an oasis of truth are encountered as a stranded Jack and Daniel struggle to find a way home. Set soon after Absolute Power.

Friday Night In by Seanchaidh: The next step of a relationship: compromise and patience. Sequel to “Our First Night,” which can be located at

Paradise by Puff and Ruffle: In this novella, a tropical paradise could prove deadly when Jack and Daniel find themselves prisoners of a primitive culture and Daniel condemned as a sacrifice.

A Small Dose of Courage by babs: A mistake on a mission has Daniel doubting his ability to remain on SG-1. Jack helps him through his crisis of doubt.

The Waiting by Meridian: While waiting for Daniel to regain consciousness, Jack begins to realize that what he feels for his friend is much more than mere friendship…but does he have the courage to act on those feelings and change his entire life? A novella about Jack and Daniel coming to terms with each other.

Raindrops by Geminia: Drastic misunderstandings between Daniel and his teammates unexpectedly lead to a new beginning.

Yellowstone by Circe: A novella set in the great outdoors. Daniel is persuaded against his better judgment to go on vacation to Yellowstone National Park, where he finds himself at the mercy of a grizzly bear, a river, and a very masterful Jack O'Neill.

Points of Authority by Deborah Louise Gough: A short tag to Shades of Gray: When Daniel is attacked in the SGC showers, it forces him and Jack to admit to their feelings.

Stronger by elfin: Who is stronger? Jack or Daniel? And just how powerful are words? (A post-Meridian story.)

Grogan Gets Shot Again by Ellison Wonderland: Daniel takes a little unscheduled time out from the cadet training exercises (as seen in the episode Proving Ground) to have a little private fun with his favorite colonel. (Note: this story appeared on a small, private mailing list but is not archived on the web.)

Advanced Training by Ellison Wonderland: A sequel to “Grogan Gets Shot Again.” A novella wherein off-world war games go desperately wrong and Grogan learns a few things about himself, the war against the Goa’uld, Daniel Jackson and the special relationship Jackson shares with Colonel O’Neill.

Devotion to Duty by Pough: At a crossroad in their relationship, who will have the answers?

Transference by Brenda and ELG: Daniel's brush with death on P3X-888 leaves Jack confused about his own reactions, while Daniel is wondering if their relationship will ever recover its former warmth. A vacation in the Rockies seems like the perfect remedy to repair their friendship, but an unpleasant encounter with the angry toughs from O'Malley’s leads to some surprising revelations. A novella.

Conjunctions by Catspaw: Can Jack risk taking a chance that Daniel feels the same way he does?

Rhapsody in Blue by Ruffle: Jack finds that he enjoys dressing his favorite archeologist…

I’m Stuck With You by Wilma: Jack. Daniel. Freezing cold. It’s amazing how a little ice cream can actually warm things up…

And even more stories! Full color cover by The Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Interior artwork by Corinna, Amy, Leah Rosenthal and Wilma.

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