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All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Beautiful color and black and white artwork and a mix of novels, novellas, short stories and vignettes in every issue. A mix of angst, action/adventure, hurt/comfort, smarm and good old-fashioned romance are all contained within. The only constant in these stories are Jack and Daniel somehow getting together or being together. There are no stories where a major character is permanently dead. Approximately 169,300+ words in this issue, including an entire novel. Full color front and back covers.


Pretense 7

Through the Night by Chione, Meret & Qadesh: A novel length follow-up to “The Crystal Skull.” Daniel tries to comes to grips with Nick’s return and departure from his life while Jack struggles with his desire to help his friend.

The Long and Winding Road by Montana1416: What if the Aschen came to Earth in ships because they didn’t get what they wanted the first time? What if no one remembered the way things used to be? But, of course, some things can never be completely forgotten … A novella length story about Jack and Daniel’s journey back to each other.

Rituals of Partnership by J. M. Griffin: An alien ritual has Jack looking at Daniel in a different light. Could it lead to more?

The Close of Day by babs: While off-world at a celebration honoring a lost colleague and friend, Daniel has time to think about his relationship with Jack.

Vicissitude by devra: Daniel begins to wonder if everyone has moved on in their lives while he was ascended except for him.

Release by ghared: Jack and Daniel have been prisoners of only God knows who for quite some while now and they’re both horny and desperate. Jack is determined not to act like a lab rat, but sooner or later something’s got to give ...

Home Thoughts from Abroad by Julia Justina: After “Menace”, Daniel leaves the SGC and goes to work on an archaeological dig in Egypt … what he leaves behind and what he finds there changes everything.

No Greater Love by Joana Dey: A night out on the town turns into a nightmare when a bomb shatters the restaurant and leaves Jack buried somewhere under the rubble.

Best Laid Plans by Sistine: Jack has a plan that will help him get Sam off his case and to move on; the problem is, it doesn’t quite go the way he expected.

It Happened One Night by Seanchaidh: Daniel has plans for Jack – plans that he fully expects to put a smile on both men’s faces!

Into the Deep by Ionah: Storms are upon them and only faith can save the day in this novella.

Zapped by JoaG: Punished for a momentary lapse in complying with alien customs, Jack has to both keep Daniel alive and convince their captors to let them go free.

The Pond With Three Fish by Joana Dey: A follow-up to Moebius where Jack and Daniel talk about their future.

Sticks and Stones by Oneofaradia: An inadvertent slip of the tongue sends Jack scrambling for the perfect way to “apologize” to Daniel.

Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by Leah Rosenthal, K9, Lizard Spots, Babs, Wilma, Montana and Amy.

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