Southern Seven

Southern Seven is one of Blakes 7 longest running, all general audience, all Blakes 7 zines. Two new issues (11 and 12) premiered Memorial Day weekend at MediaWest Con, 1998. All back issues (Southern Seven 1 - 10) are currently available as reprints. You'll find some samples of contents, text and artwork below, as well as a link to another site with more detailed information on the new issues.

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Cross-index of Southern Seven Authors ó A listing of all the authors featured in Southern Seven over the years, complete with an index of their work and which issue it was featured in. A hearty thank you to Sarah Thompson for compiling this information!



Southern Seven 1

Keezarn by Janet Walker -- Blake and Jenna are only a few steps behind the Liberator and a reunion with their old friends...can they continue to survive on their own in the meantime?

Slightly Mistaken by Joan Hoffman -- Vila's bored and all he wants to do is share a friendly drink with Avon while the others gone. Vila makes a small mistake, however, and it may prove deadly to Avon!

Lifesaver by L. A. Carr -- Avon must obtain a special herb or Vila will die. The things Avon does for his crew during the 3rd season!

Season of Lies by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham -- Terminal was almost the end for Avon and the crew of the Liberator, but perhaps the last laugh will be on Servalan???

Head Over Heels by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham -- The annual Avon family glix hunt proves to be almost too much for Blake and his followers. Will Vila be eaten by the carnivorous Blackie? Will Homicide finally even an old score with Kerr Avon? Will Supreme Commander Servalan finally get her hooks into Avon, for that matter? Or is she more interested in Vila...? Bizarro 7 all the way.

More stories, poetry and art by Sheila Paulson, Linda Terrell, Michele Rosenberg, Jaqueline Taero, Rebecca Ann Brothers, Mary Alice Wuerz, Kathy Hintze, Susanne McGhin (now Katz), Suzie Molnar, Barbarba Tennison and others.

361 pages of reduced print.

Southern 7 #1 on Paper

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Southern Seven 2

A Paradox of Parasols by Kathy Hintze -- Tarrant and Vila have a strange encounter with a mysterious stranger and the Liberator may never be the same again!

The Few and Fatal Friends by Sheila Paulson -- In the aftermath of Gauda Prime, Tarrant tries to cope with the fact that only he and Avon have survived and are prisoners of the Federation...or are they??

The Hungry by Leigh Arnold -- A trip to a rebel planet may prove fatal for not only Avon and Vila, but the entire crew, as well.

We're the ILA and We're Proud of It by Celeste Hotaling -- Roj Blake is flattered to learn that the I.L.A. would like him to be their spokesman. Unfortunately, they also have dealings with the Federation and Space Commander Travis!

Walking the Wind by Leah Rosenthal -- Jenna Stannis was the last of Blake's 7 alive, but her friends were determined to restore Blake's dream and make it a reality.

One Man's Meat by Joan Hoffman -- A strange allergy and too much curiosity could prove fatal for Vila Restal.

Common Ground by London Bates -- The man Nevon looked like Roj Blake and sounded like Roj Blake, but could he possibly be Blake? And why couldn't he remember anything of his past life?

The Heat Is On by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham -- The Shatae slavers were once only a legend, but Blake and his crew, not to mention Servalan and Travis, soon have reason to believe in them when they are all taken prisoner. Will Avon survive being "mated" to Peggy Sue Servalan? More importantly, will the crew survive having to eat Servalan's cooking??

More stories and poetry from Pat Nussman, Joan Enright, Jacqueline Taero, Cindy Dye, CarolMel Ambassador, Nola Caulfield and others. Art from Leah Rosenthal, Dani Lane, Vicki Brinkmeier, Deb Walsh, Celeste Hotaling, Suzie Molnar and others. 332 pages of reduced print.

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Southern Seven 3

The Foundling by Katrina Snyder (now Larkin) and Susanne McGhin (now Katz) -- The Log of the Hellhound continues as a child survivor is found in the rebel-blasted ruins of Scorbin Minor and his parentage makes him valuable to the rebels...but even more valuable to Roj Blake.

Nightmares, Visions and History by Linda Knights -- Avon has an ability which has brought him pain in the past. Will Blake's insistence on risking himself constantly finally drive Avon away?

Home by the Sea by Michele Rosenberg -- A simple infiltration job goes awry as Blake and Avon are taken over by mysterious forces. Will Vila be able to save them before it's too late?

Poor Tom by Shoshanna Green -- The death of Servalan at the hands of Anna Grant topples the government of the Federation, but what of Blake's crew now?

War Leader by Jill Grundfest -- Vila is presumed dead in a bizarre accident, but Avon insists on returning to the scene to study the event further. What he and Blake discover, though, involves more than the fate of their intrepid involves the fate of the entire rebellion!

No One Together by Northwest Smith -- Did Avon really mean to kill Vila over Malodaar? A mission gone wrong gives Vila and Avon-and the rest of the crew-an opportunity to cone to terms with one another.

Worrad by Joni Gillispie & Judy Kern -- Tarrant and Avon are missing and presumed dead. Will Dayna and Vila be able to find them before it's too late?

Harbinger by Laura Virgil - Little is left to Avon following Gauda Prime...but Servalan may not have the last laugh, after all.

What Goes Around Comes Around by Jeff & Mary Morris -- In their new series, B7 - The Next Generation, Jeff and Mary tell the tale of how all it began...the second time around!

More stories, poetry and filks from - Barbara Adams, Kathryn Andersen, Kim Wigmore, Holly Hutchison, Vickie McManus, Jacqueline Taero, Nancy Monfette, Dani Lane, Leah Rosenthal, Sue Williams, Vera Laster, and others. Art by Rosenthal, Virgil, Dani, Buffaloe, Molnar, Andersen, Feyrer and others. Gorgeous color cover by Laura Virgil. 315 pages of reduced print.

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Southern Seven 4


Kyl by Sheila Paulson -- The young computer genius, Kyl, has information vital to the Rebellion, so why is Avon so reticent to trust him...and just what is the secret about him that Vila seems to know? A Jabberwocky story.

You Only Live Twice by Susan Hail & L. A. Carr -- Someone is trying to kill Kerr Avon and although Bram Drew is a likely suspect, the crew of the Phoenix seem to be the only people who were in the right place at the right time to have made the attempt. The Phoenix Project continues.

They Who Trust by Mary Gerstner -- A request from Auron that Cally return to them is met with agreement by Blake and Cally, but Avon suspects that something isn't quite right with the situation...

The Fool's Tale by Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley (now Katz) -- Vila meets up with an old acquaintance of Avon's and tells the tale of how he escaped from Gauda Prime. A Log of the Hellhound story.

Flights by Linda Terrell -- The crew of the Liberator decides that Blake needs a little R&R by himself. What they didn't count on were fire lizards and acid rain and pirates and...

Backlash by Sophia Mulvey -- The quest for Blake leads the crew of the Liberator to a backwards planet where Vila and Avon soon get into trouble with the native population...

A Sticky Situation by Laura Virgil -- Boredom and Orac conspire to make Vila Restal's life miserable...

Missing Person by Liz Sharpe -- Vila's past is shrouded in mystery...or is it?

Where The Dutchman Dwells by Susan Glasgow -- A derelict spaceship intrigues Blake and his crew...except for Vila, who remembers the old tales about ghost ships...

Bubble, Bubble by Joan Hoffman -- Yet another attempt at R&R goes awry for Blake and Co....

Promises To Keep by Kathy Hintze -- Vila once made a promise to Cally and he means to keep it...

Dreams by Jean Lorrah -- Servalan is caught in a snare of her own devising...

More stories, poetry and filks from Linda Willard, Leigh Arnold, April Giordano, Dani Lane, Leah Rosenthal, Annita K. Smith, Lynn Alisse Witten and others. Art by Rosenthal, Virgil, Dani, Buffaloe, Molnar, Nowak, Lovett, Jorgensen, Andersen, Witten, Cook, others. Full color cover by Rosenthal. 329 pages of reduced print.

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Southern Seven 5

The Center Of The Circle by Sheila Paulson -- Matters take a different turn on Terminal when it turns out Blake really was there...and the crew of Liberator manages to rescue him!

The Seventh Rebel by Bryn Lantry -- Blake counted Zen as part of his crew...but how did Zen feel about being made a member of the Cause?

Fate's Final Act by Linda Knights -- A fever sends Avon into the world of dreams where he sees a vision of the future...a future he will do anything to change!

Repent In Haste by Sophia Mulvey -- Soolin doesn't necessarily trust Avon and his crew, but her attempt to consider her decision to join them could prove fatal...

Broken Wings by Mary Gerstner -- Cally survived Terminal, unbeknownst to her fellow rebels, but at what cost?

Retribution by Jeanne DeVore -- Travis seemed to know the mutoid who was chosen as his "friend" in the episode "Duel." Perhaps he knew her very well, indeed.

Thoughts In The Night by Teresa Ward -- The death of Deeta leaves Del Tarrant considering many things and perhaps even Vila can help.

Guns And Butter by Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley (now Katz) -- Bev and Dayna run into unfriendly Raldeeni, and Avon is forced into an uneasy alliance with one of Tarrant's old smuggling partners, Lew Brody, in order to save them... The Log Of The Hellhound, Book V.

Shadow Of Some Unseen by Colette Bolech & Kathy Martin -- Avon and Vila are temporarily stranded and are forced to take shelter in a mysterious house, with an even more mysterious, if beautiful, owner.

A Rebel's Revenge by Sue Williams -- Blake is determined to carry out a planned strike against the Federation, even after the loss of his rebel contact...and Avon may have to pay the price!

Many more short stories, poetry, and filks from Tammy Riden, Janet Walker, Pat Nussman, Jacqueline Taero, Shoshanna Green, Heather Saavedra, Kathy Hintze, April Giordano, Kim Wigmore, Vickie McManus, Elizabeth Jarvis, Barbara Tennison, CarolMel Ambassador, Sue Boylan, and others. 408 pages of reduced print published in two volumes.

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Southern Seven 6

Prophecy by Janet Paderewski -- Vila attempts to help Avon by taking his place on a mission...and ends up in a place from which he might not be able to return...

Elvis is Everywhere by Jeff & Mary Morris -- Cally is bemused by the nocturnal changes in Avon, but she could grow to like them!

Knight in Leather Armor by Kathy Coy -- This time everybody but Avon is in a coma...

Days in the Death by Shoshanna Green -- Avon's scheme was perfect and brilliant...but he didn't count on Anna...

It's All Done by Magic by Linda Knights -- Blake's encounter with a magician stirs memories long buried, but are the memories real?

Out of Control by Jamie Ritchey -- Vila discovers a secret on Xenon Base...a secret which could be the death of not only him, but Avon as well!

And Then I Care Not by Jane Carnall -- Avon killed a clone on Gauda Prime...and Blake considers it murder!

Walkabout by Shoshanna Green -- A study of Soolin's feelings toward Dorian and his betrayal.

Nightwood Rest by Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'Cullane -- A chance encounter could be the "death" of Parl Dro, not to mention Myal Lemyal!

Homecoming by Julie Nowak -- Avon's been on the run so long that all he longs for is peace...

Changing Stations by Kaye Dunham -- Avon and Vila with Will Robinson and the Robot?? Servalan with Dr. Smith?? Uh-oh!

The Price of Safety by Carol McCoy -- Vila recognized Avon, so why didn't the Alpha help him escape...?

Playing the Fool by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham -- Vila tells Avon more about the Restal past than Avon ever wanted to know!

Letters of Comment and a story contest. Artwork by Leigh Motooka, Leah Rosenthal, Laura Virgil, Suzi Lovett, Mariann Howarth, Adrian Morgan, Maryann Jorgensen, Kate Knepper, Samantha Hayman, Kathryn Andersen, and others. 193 pages of reduced format print.

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Southern Seven 7

Ghosts by Kristy Merrill -- There's someone -- or something -- onboard the Liberator and it has already killed the crew of another ship...

Rich Man, Poor Man by Barbara Tennison -- Avon must come to terms with the fact that he is a thief living among criminals...

Forgive Me All My Sins by Robert Collins -- It's a long time since Gauda Prime but Avon still remembers...and tries to forget...

Subterfuge by Anne Collins Smith -- Avon is captured and scheduled for interrogation...will Blake save him in time?

The Desperados by H. S. Levijoki -- Gauda Prime was peopled with simple farmers...until Avon and the survivors of a desperate battle invade it.

Naughty Girls Need Love Too by Michelle Lellouche -- A little R&R goes awry for Blake and Avon when they run into Servalan in the strangest place!

Deathsong by Tyndara Meffe -- Parl Dro is drawn to Myal Lemyal's side as his son's life ends.

Long Remember by Jean Lorrah -- Commissioner Sleer's plan worked beautifully, until Avon twisted it...

The Stand by Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley (now Katz) -- The Log of the Hellhound continues in Book VI as the crew of the Hellhound are trapped by Nik Theodorides' plan. While Avon's torture is physical, Blake's is psychological, and the latter's lack of leadership in a moment of crisis may doom them all. Meanwhile, their only hope of rescue, the Snake-in-the-Grass, has been reclaimed by her former owners - the Raldeeni!

Sins of the Fathers by Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley (now Katz) -- Nik Theodorides needs to get back into Servalan's favor and he has the weapon with which to do it...if he doesn't decide to mount a coup of his own!

Artwork by Leigh Motooka, Leah Rosenthal, Laura Virgil, Suzan Lovett, Mariann Howarth, Adrian Morgan, Mary Gerstner, Kate Knepper, Samantha Hayman, Kathryn Andersen, and others. 201 pages of reduced format print.†

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Southern Seven 8

Cally and Vila


Probability Factor by Roberta Brown -- Servalan's true origins are revealed and the Liberator is regained in quite an unusual, unique way!

History Will Teach Us Nothing by Vickie McManus -- A teleport malfunction lands Blake in a universe gone topsy-turvy...

The Starborn by Kaye Dunham -- A mission gone wrong isn't the only problem facing the crew of the Liberator when Vila rescues a baby!

Yet Another Garden Paradise by Shoshanna Green -- The Liberator needs repairs but a trip to the planet Bailey's Seven to mine for crystals could prove fatal to Vila!

Wilderness Sojourn by Peggy Hartsook -- A mission into the wilderness of Kenore goes awry when the "figurehead" Blake wants to return to his people balks at the notion.

Plus much more! Artwork by Leigh Motooka, Rosenthal, Virgil, Lovett, Howard, Morgan, Gerstner, Knepper, Andersen, Samantha Hayman and more! 178 pages of reduced format print.

Southern 7 #8 on Paper

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Southern Seven 9

The Innocent by Karen Yost -- Perhaps Avon didn't have a very happy childhood...that's okay, though, because a race of aliens is going to give him another chance!

Vault by Jennifer Smallwood -- Vila Restal could never resist a challenge...but this vault could prove to be his undoing!

Acknowledgment Of Guilt by Linda Knights -- In the wake of Gauda Prime, Avon confronts some hard truths about himself.

Vila Restal And The Enchanted Drake Of Oz by Dee Beetem & Margaret McNickle -- Vila was just minding his own business when suddenly he found himself in a strange place where ducks talked and asked him to go on rescue missions!

Hallucinations by Nicole Petty & Michelle Moyer -- Avon's "hallucination" tries to warn him of Gauda Prime but he pays no heed.

What The Night Can Do by April Giordano -- Avon's companions send him to a doctor after Gauda Prime and learn a startling truth about the computer tech's true "nature."

Stories and artwork by Linda Terrell, Jennifer Smallwood, Colette Bolech & Kathy Martin, Donna Wilson, Jane Carnall, Sherri Fillingham, Leah Rosenthal, Suzi Lovett, and more, including a Katrina Larkin Hellhound shoppers catalog! Color cover by Leah Rosenthal. 191 pages of reduced format print.

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Southern Seven 10

Fleeting Visions by Teresa Ward & Carol McCoy -- Tarrant is stunned by the sight of a familiar face in a crowd and his crew mates begin to think he's losing his mind as he becomes obsessed with his "vision."

Aliens! An "Orbit" Alternate by Vickie McManus -- A unique twist on the perennial "Orbit" alternative...

Coyote and Wolf Play Bone-Toss by Jane Mailander -- A different take on Avon and Vila's natures and relationship!

Winning is the Only Safety - First Death by Kathryn Andersen -- A Blakes 7/Highlander crossover which finds Avon and Vila struggling to survive after the massacre on Gauda Prime...

Links in the Chain by Michelle Moyer -- After Gauda Prime, the survivors of Avon's crew realize they will never be safe from Servalan and determine to take action...

Alien Smith and Jones by Michele Rosenberg -- An accident strands Blake, Avon and Vila in the Old West, where Vila is mistaken for the dreaded Kid Vile! (Reprinted from Wide Open Spaces #10)

In the Wake of Ruin by Linda Willard -- Vila knows that he's only been allowed to escape Gauda Prime in order to lead Servalan to Orac, but he has to try, anyway, and he isn't about to leave Avon behind... (Reprinted from Horizon)

Once Upon a Time in Outer Space by Linda Terrell -- A sentient ship with a penchant for pilots with curly hair seeks out Blake and his crew in order to lend them its help and expertise against the Federation...

This Old House by Jane Mailander -- Vila and Avon host the ultimate do-it-yourself show...!

One of My Kind by Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley -- A Hellhound story. Dafydd Kildragon is determined to shut down yet another mutoid processing facility, but this particular facility appears to be turning out more than just the average mutoid...

Peas in a Pod by Marian Mendez -- Tarrant is devastated in the face of his brother Deeta's death and thinks back on their childhood...

Impossible Dreams by Rebecca Ann Brothers -- Roj Blake doesn't understand why he is being pursued by members of the Resistance. After all, he's a simple, model citizen...

Twist of Fate by Carol McCoy -- Tarrant determines to leave the Liberator, and does so, only to find that leaving everything behind isn't so easy...

Ship of Fools by Jamie Melody Randell -- Avon and his crew are rescued from Gauda Prime by the person they least expect to see...

A Little Lower Than the Angels by Jean Graham -- Tarrant's mission is almost over when everything goes wrong, yet again...getting shot was only the beginning of his bad luck...

More stories and poetry by Catherine Salmon, Judith Proctor, Joelle Augustine, Leah Rosenthal, C.S. Kinsey, Samantha Hayman, Megan K. Smith, Sandi K. Almany, & more. Plus, the Southern Seven writing contest. 251 pages. Word Count - 170,992.

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Southern Seven 11 and 12

Southern Seven 11 and 12 - Our last issues! To view a synopsis of contents, see some artwork and find ordering information for Southern Seven 11 and Southern Seven 12, click on the link!

Southern 7 #11 on Paper

Southern 7 #12 on Paper

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