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Let Me Help
Star Trek Hurt/Comfort TOS/AOS Gen

Let Me Help, a new Star Trek Hurt/Comfort TOS/AOS Gen anthology. Focus on Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Color cover by Laura Quiles. Digest size. 196 pages.

Let Me Help by Doctor Beth : A missing scene from “Amok Time”. Kirk has more than a few worries about Spock as the Vulcan's behavior becomes more and more atypical.

Consequences by Mary Schuttler: Are there truly no lengths to which Dr. McCoy will go to save a patient? The question is answered when Spock is seriously injured on a landing party.

Not Even Close by Doctor Beth :

In It For Life by Loretta Greco: A missing scene from “Into Darkness”. What was McCoy's private reaction to Kirk's death?

The Core of The Matter by Dovya Blacque: Kirk's reaction to losing 3 crewmen on Vaal's planet leave him more than a little unsettled.

Three Red Sevens And A Wild Card by Judy Decker: Kirk learns that winning at gambling isn't always a good thing.

Truth, Beauty... And Thorns by Gamin Davis: Miranda's reaction to Spock's meld with Kollos is unexpectedly aggressive and her intent toward Spock unexpectedly personal.

When the Morning Sun Rises by Judy Decker: Kirk and Spock run afoul of Orion Slavers.

Mr.Spock and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day by Cheree Cargill: If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another. Mr. Spock has more than his fair share

More Than A Flesh Wound by Dr. Beth: Spock needs electronics for his primitive computer if he is to determine whether Edith Keeler must die or not. But obtaining those electronics is not a simple, or easy, task

US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Let Me Help on Paper


Pretense 12
Stargate SG-1 Slash (Jack/Daniel)

Pretense 12 , a new Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel anthology slash zine with a mix of short stories and novellas by Storyhaus and Quale. Color covers by Montana. Digest size. 110 pages. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Pretense 12 on Paper


Well That's Just Typical
Star Trek Reboot Gen Novel

Well, That's Just Typical , a new Star Trek Reboot novel by Doctor Beth with lots of lovely interaction between Kirk, McCoy and Spock and lots of hurt/comfort. Color cover by Laura Quiles. Digest size. 152 pages. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Well That's Just Typical on Paper


Grimmoire #4
Multimedia Gen

Grimmoire #4, a multi-media anthology genzine. Short stories by Susan Macdonald, Lorraine Anderson, Ann Wortham, Emily Waldera, JJJunky, Marta Christjansen and a novella by Sheila Paulson. Fandoms include The Real Ghostbusters, Grimm, The X-Files, Star Trek: DS9, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Magnificent 7, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis. Full color covers by Montana. Art by Babs. Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. Digest sized. 209 pages. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Grimmoire 4 on Paper


Critias 7
Stargate Atlantis Gen

Critias 7: a new Stargate Atlantis gen anthology zine. Color cover and back cover. Artwork by Montana. A mix of stories focusing on the team of Atlantis. Short stories by Lorraine Anderson, Elaine M. Batterby, JJJunky and a novella by Sheila Paulson. No deathfic. 100 pages. Digest sized. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Critias 7 on Paper


Time's Point
Star Trek Gen Novel

Time's Point : a new Star Trek gen novel by Lorraine Anderson taking place after the Star Trek: Next Generation episode “Time’s Arrow” and the Star Trek movie Star Trek: Generations. A time travel adventure featuring Guinan and Uhura! Color cover and back cover. Artwork by Montana. 147 pages. Digest sized. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Time's Point on Paper



The Bizarro Coloring Book V
British Multi-Media

The Bizarro Coloring Book V: British multi-media cartoons by Leah Rosenthal in black and white for easy coloring. These are all of the British media cartoons Leah has drawn to date (Dr Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Being Human (UK), Merlin, Downton Abbey, and more) except for her Blakes 7 catalog. The B7 cartoons are available in Volume 1. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend! Buy one to color and one to keep pristine! Full color cartoon cover by Leah Rosenthal. 53 pages full-sized. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Coloring Book 5 on Paper



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